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User Time_Crystal

Evoker, with slightly souped up armor

Known as TC, Time, Crystal, Creator
Gender Male
Location USA
Occupation Artist, Gamer
In Freedonia
First joined 12 November 2017
First building his house in BenjaminStad
View profile and statistics Time_Crystal is a player on MinecraftOnline. He enjoys the simple yet elegant things in life; building, exploring, socializing, and screwing around in chat. Anything to get his mind off his horrible reality.



Time Crystal joined MinecraftOnline on November 12 2017 as a freshman in high school. He wished to take in the rich history of the server, and stand under the wave of nostalgia.

He was immediately overtaken by the builds around spawn. The arch of land, the visitor centre... All built when he was 7 years old. This was extremely overpowering.

He was soon admitted to the Benjamese Empire, one of the most powerful factions in the server. He built a multistory house in Benjaminstad, inviting many players to live with him in the many apartments. Many of who will fall into inactivity.

He would build in many more places: Snaketown, Pallet Town, New Snak City, most of them within the Benjamese Empire.

One of the darker moments was when Time Crystal fell into a duel with Api448, a hacker and a griefer. Api, using hacks, defeated Time_Crystal. This was a huge loss of morale.

After a long one year disappearance, Time_Crystal is back on MCO.

A day in the life of Time_Crystal

Time is usually seen building on one of his projects, mining, exploring, or looking at ancient relics (Aka- old buildings).

In the mind of Time_Crystal

Time's philosophy is simple: Whatever goes around, comes around. If a player is toxic and unpleasant, they are eventually banned. This is seen many times with many toxic players.

Toxicity is to be avoided. Although it ruins everyone's day, it has the heaviest effect on the person being toxic. Think about it: what do you gain from being toxic? You just waste time typing out messages with your cheeto-dust covered hands. It is better to play the game and be pleasant. What do you gain? Memories, builds to cherish, friends, things to treasure in your heart and to pull you through life.


-Good buildings, they don't have to be big or overly-detailed. They just need to be simple, and built with thought put in mind.

-Friendly players, players that help out newer ones, who give advice, gear, and contribute to the growth of the server. Players that there should be more of

-Cooperation, Time Crystal likes towns where everyone strives for a common goal, big projects such as Project Anubis which shapes Freedonia. And Megastructures which simply take your breath away. Also the Benjamese Empire

-The little moments in life, funny moments in chat, a picture that you might like, and so on.


-Griefers, they reverse progress and find joy in destruction. They may be seen begging for forgiveness before being banned.

-Hackers, they cheat and harm the regular players. They also beg for forgiveness before being banned.

-Toxic players, they can't be banned, but the community does not like them. They usually do actions leading up to their eventual ban. Time rests easy knowing that toxic players never have a happy ending

-Bad builds: cobble boxes, builds that don't fit, builds which someone probably did in 10 minutes, builds that don't look unique in any form. Builds that are just one box and one room.

-Numerous pet peeves, People who cut the trees but leave the top, or people who don't replant. People who leave scars on the terrain or leave offensive builds.

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