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Organisations Benjamese Empire
Leadership BenjaminBsuper
Headquarters BenjaminStad
Founded 19th March, 2017
Public? No

The Benjamese Empire (or BenEm for short)is the area BenjaminBsuper and his crew uses to build their cities on, it is to prevent bad area planning, griefbuilds and inactive player houses.



This are the areas that are part of the Benjamese Empire:

BenjaminStad (Capital city)







Greenhaven Village


Nieuw Inverness


The Center of the Benjamese Empire. The big city in the middle is BenjaminStad. Left to BenjaminStad you can find a town with wooden walls and a big stone tower called TwanStad. The tiny group of houses down left is the small town of Isfiskholt. The dense town on the shore of the big lake is North Tussenstad. Obviously, South Tussenstad is located on the other side of that lake (the place with the huge skyscraper Brandarix Tower). This lake is called Lake Vesitäysi. The huge walled town bordering the Vesitäysi ice is called KSCity. Way south, to the right on this map, the town of Merchilles is slowly getting started.



History of Benjamese Empire starts with founding of KSCity and giant growth of BenjaminStad. These 2 cities created Benjamese Empire after they allied. One of Benjamese Empire newcomers was hprick, which founded Isfiskholt.

Ivan Joins

After quitting Clifftonville and time of simple existence, one of most important members of Benjamese Empire, IvanLeshev with help of BenjaminBsuper, decided to urbanise north wilderness of Benjamese Empire with founding of Tussenstad. Despite being bored, Ivan invited hprick and Appelsaus_ into his town. Thanks to their new friendship, they did many Benjamese Empire projects. Addition to that, Appelsaus_ became an Benjamese Empire staff.

Many Connected Territories

Suddenly, KevinGriffioen and Ladebbie got into Benjamese Empire's side. With this, Greenhaven Village and Grifftopia are part of Benjamese Empire. Benjamin's friendship with NHC_THK also added some land, when NHC_THK sold Nieuw Inverness to Benjamin.

The Outer Expansion

The empty lands, near the desert and over the icy plains are good terrains to build, with Mer28 and Andrey_orex starting their towns there, the BenEm Expanded again.

Tourist Attraction

With the Benjamese Empire becoming more and more popular, people want to visit the cities. With the new Nexus connection, North-West (Purple) 3, visitors can enter the BenEm much faster.


  • All towns that are in the Benjamese Empire will be allies of all the cities and towns that BenjaminStad allied.
  • All the treaties that are entered by BenjaminStad apply to the members of the Benjamese Empire
  • All the players that are banned from BenjaminStad are banned from the Benjamese Empire

BenEm Staff

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