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Organisations Cheesey Incorporation

Funding Your Building Needs

Leadership KingOfCheeseLand
Headquarters Cheese's Layer
Public? No


Created by the KingOfCheeseLand, Cheesey Inc was founded at the A store in the old flea market at spawn. He had realised the gap in the market for wool and wood so he decided to stock up greatly in them to sell. Eventually, his stall was given a demolition notice as the flea market made the spawn too laggy, resulting in closing of the market, and the loss of all stores nearby.

After his short... ish break from MinecraftOnline, he found himself wandering clueless around the DiamondMall. He soon settled into his MCO lifestyle again, and made his way back into the wonders of trading. Quickly bored of the repetitive typing of "does anyone need some X for only Y diamond", he was inspired by Simmuel and he bought techkid6's store and started to build his first ever Cheesey Inc. shop.

Locations and Goods

At the moment we are limited to the DiamondMall, but we will expand as we grow in wealth and publicity. We mainly specialise in goods such as smoothstone, wool, bookshelves and more materials soon!

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