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Building EireMall

View of Eiremall, Work in Progress.

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Rayzion&16.png Rayzion, getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda and getplayerhead.sh?The_Jackal_249&16.png The_Jackal_249
Category Commercial
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes, however remote.
Started 26/1/2012
Size north to south 158m
Size west to east 79m
Height 19m
Coordinates X=674
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Unknown
Map link

EireMall was an ambitious shopping mall project that is currently in hiatus. It's next to Cherath.

Current Shops

getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda's Item Shop

getplayerhead.sh?Rayzion&16.png Rayzion's Item Shop (Located in the middle of the mall)

getplayerhead.sh?TheMightyCheeze&16.png TheMightyCheeze's Potion Shop

The PurpleEmporium Food and Building Material Shop

Upcoming Shop Owners

getplayerhead.sh?mottbro&16.png mottbro, getplayerhead.sh?xThisDude&16.png xThisDude, getplayerhead.sh?Rainbow_Dash2&16.png Rainbow_Dash2, getplayerhead.sh?JessuHodie&16.png JessuHodie, getplayerhead.sh?Techkid6&16.png Techkid6, getplayerhead.sh?SleekHank&16.png SleekHank, getplayerhead.sh?tylergz&16.png tylergz, and getplayerhead.sh?Bobbetus&16.png Bobbetus.


The easiest way to get to Eiremall is to go to MountJackal, and take the rail line.

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