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When a griefer is inevitably caught griefing and questioned by a member of the all-seeing moderator and admin team, they usually start making up excuses in a last ditch attempt to not be banned. Over time the MCO staff have literally heard it all when it comes to grief excuses. Just for fun, here is a list of the most common excuses for griefing!

Note: For your convenience these excuses have been translated into readable English. A typical excuse found in the wild will be rife with spelling and grammatical errors, and should be approached with caution! GodlyCheeze why were you breaking glass up there? banchi5600 WELL YOU WERE BEING A DOO DOO HEAD
banchi5600 was hit with GodlyCheeze's banhammer! 
The five stages of grief.


New Player excuses

  • "I'm new to minecraft, I don't know how to play"
  • "What block? I didn't break anything!"
  • "I didn't know griefing wasn't allowed!"
    • Ignorance is no excuse. Learn to play and learn the rules.
  • "I am German"
    • Even Germans aren't allowed to grief.
  • "But I needed stuff!"
    • You can't have THAT stuff. Go mine your own materials.
  • "I WANTED IN!!!!!"
    • Stay out. It's not about what you want.
  • "I was just testing to see if it was protected!"
    • Protected or not, breaking the blocks is grief. Just because something fixes it right away doesn't mean it didn't happen.
  • "I'm playing on a friend's account who plays on this server, don't ban him!"
    • Your friend screwed up by letting you on his account. His bad judgement is his own fault.
  • "i was wondering if it was liek doublelayered...or something" (word for word quote)
    • Keep wondering, then. It's not for you to disassemble.
  • "this is my house" (someone who had played for less than an hour breaking chests in a place that had probably taken days to build)
  • "I sat on my mouse"
  • "But i needed dem wooood."
    • Get it from a tree, not this house...
  • "But, no, I didnt. I'll give you diamonds?"
    • You've played on this server for less than an hour and you have diamonds? Well done. Oh and no.
  • "I broke the sign because I wanted to read it. i thought I had to break it to read it."
    • Now THAT was a retarded excuse - werdnaz
  • "i no speech the english" (but lives in north carolina)
    • even if you weren't obviously an english speaker, not speaking english is never an excuse (google translate anyone?
  • "i just wanted to see if it waz real" "thought it waz fake"
    • It was a sign in our railway station. That's about as real as anything in minecraft. How could it be fake?
  • "player broke glass ###" "fmxstick is checking ###" "fmxstick- why did you break that glass player?" "player- i wanted to get an egg"
    • there was an egg on the roof but it got eaten by the glass and player could not get it anyway, found it funny though.
  • "Ok, my nerd friend told me he woule steal my diamond blocks if i didn't
    • "uh WAT?"
  • "But the torch looked at me funny!" thesprazzler Why did you break the glass? Jannik168 fuck you you have no friends

Excuses for all occasions

  • "its not my fault that I don't read the rules"
    • "This makes no sense and only granted hysterical laughter to the other players."
  • "I was lagging really bad!"
  • "my mouse button got stuck"
  • "wrong click"
    • Then log out and back in or don't click on everything around you.""
  • "my brother/sister grabbed my mouse and made me do it!"
    • If you can't keep your griefer brother/sister/friend off your account, then we'll have no choice but to keep your account off our server.
  • "I was told to break things"
    • And you were told by our rules not to.
  • "I'm an eight year old kid and I'm just learning to read and write"
    • Start by learning to read our rules. Ignorance is no excuse.
  • "look, I replaced it, why do you care?"
  • "but i put it back..."
    • Doesn't matter. It wasn't yours to break. Removing and replacing blocks that were placed in order to keep you out isn't tolerated
  • "Where is the proof?, show me the proof, give me the exact information" (who would you believe, the noob?, or moderator who would be removed from staff if they ever banned on false accusation on purpose?.)
    • Our grief logs report the exact time, date, location, and perpetrator. And we don't have to show you anything.
  • "I was stuck"
    • Then type /home or /spawn and you're unstuck. You'd know that if you read /help
  • "He griefed me first!"
  • "I just like to break tings sometimes as an act for revenge becuse I get griefed much" ( Marb122)
    • All griefers are banned, even if they're griefing other griefers.
  • "I just wanted to let the music out!"
  • "what?" "what?" "what?" "what?" (courtesy of Joshuaconway, now banned)
    • If we don't feel we can get through to you and be sure that you understand and will obey our rules, you're gone. Abstract answers only convince us you're not listening and not going to listen.
  • "They did it!" *points at moderator (yes, this really happened...)
  • "but I placed that block!"
    • We can check to see if you're lying to us. Don't bother.
  • "i was walking and my dog was walking on my lap top" ( greystripe91 after breaking glass)
  • "I forgot the rules"
    • Not after 5 minutes of being online you didn't. There are only four of them and they're not hard at all to remember.
    • That may be, but you are the griefer with a shitty attitude.
  • "it was alredy broken a bit"
    • If something is already broken it still does not give you the right to break it...
  • "Jesus told me to"
    • If Jesus told me to walk off a cliff i would punch him in the face and walk away.... honestly....
  • "i cant read my board if you are talking to me it is stuke in spanish"
 "i can read the names but every letter in the game is in spanish"
 "mobster if u talking to me i cant read anything you type its all in spanish"
 flyingman1234567 was hit with the banhammer!
    • Ingame chat tends to be in English, and staff will usually begin an interrogation in English, Not sure how a european language on your client changes the characters to an unreadable format, answers on a postcard please........ galazeek please galazeek it wasnt me galazeek i wanted to test you anti cheat galazeek good job galazeek you pass galazeek now let me go Jibletz cool story dumbass ScarClaw72 LOL

A Torch griefer mk59apr GMohanu, do you know the rules for this server? GMohanu yeah i know mk59apr mk59apr ok so why break torches? GMohanu That torch atacked me for no reasooon! GMohanu The torch had a bat, tp to me to show u GMohanu Dude, the torch atacked me GMohanu It was self defense!!! GMohanu It's legal to self defense GMohanu the torch told me: "I will kill u, Grrrr" GMohanu And I was like: "No, u won't" GMohanu nd broken it GMohanu and I am going to jail :( GMohanu *placed a torch* GMohanu oh noooooooooooooo GMohanu it atack me again GMohanu If I place the torch again, it will atack me? Or it wil wipe it's mind

Courses of Action

  • Distract the moderator by asking things like "are there any kits on the server?" "how do I craft this?" (not very effective)
  • running away without answering questions hoping the moderator will just leave (about as effective as an ostrich burying its head in the sand)
  • logging out, presumably to avoid a ban, but ironically making a ban almost certain
  • attacking the moderator doing the grief check, almost certainly angering them
  • pretending to be AFK (5 min afk is equivalent to a log-out to avoid a ban so they are banned)
  • Being really stupid and breaking more blocks to make it seem like the thing is yours... Yea some people are...
  • Generally not talking though moving, meaning they're evidently no AFK.

Excuses for ban appeals

  • "my account was hacked"
  • "I wasn't griefing, that was my friend's house that we share!" (no it isn't...)
  • "I didn't do it!"
  • "Well the logs must be wrong!"
  • "I didn't spam... My cat was walking on my keyboard!"- fmxstick always laughs at this "<(staff)(fmxstick)> I soo called that XD"
  • "i never grif in minecraft as i run so many servers my self"
    • somehow I doubt you are doing much successful running of minecraft servers, and I also doubt that you never grief, seeing as that's what you were banned for...

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