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Settlement Ironguard
Founder Draglide12
Contributors benjorful, theschlozmeister, thesprazzler, SlowRiot, ardoom1, Blobehh, Marques_Foix, mrelectron, Krenath, ickyacky
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Extremely
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes (Mushiana route)
Coordinates X=2820
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Ironguard is a medieval and fantasy themed city with dominant fortifying walls, amid dramatic landscape.



Ironguard was originally only a terrain feature, a very large and prominent mountain looming above the eastern landscape. Draglide12 happened upon the mountain while exploring the map one day, and remarking that it vaguely resembled an anvil, named the mountain Ironguard and constructed a large sign saying so on the side of the mountain, in iron blocks, of course.

Later on thesprazzler began going on in chat about how he wanted to build a castle. Draglide12 offered up Ironguard as a possible building site. The two decided it was the perfect place for the build. thesprazzler had to leave at this point, and Draglide12 decided to begin construction without him. By the time thesprazzler returned to the site Draglide12 had already began building the long curtain wall around the plains to the rear of the mountain, deciding to build a small town within it to complement the castle.

As this wall was under construction Draglide12 asked SlowRiot if he would like to build a tower in the town. SlowRiot agreed and proceeded to build a large and attractive tower. Not to be outdone, Draglide12 expanded a portion of the wall into a keep, and constructed a very tall tower on it. It did seem quite out of place overlooking the small town, so Draglide12 began to plan and begin construction of a massive and ambitious castle build he would call "Castillo de los Tulupes Azules," or, "Castle of the Blue Tulips."

As this all was happening a new player, benjorful, joined the server and expressed an interest in getting involved with a building project on the server. With Draglide12's approval, he began construction of the town itself. Beginning with a simple house, and eventually building multiple roads and buildings, including a church and watchtower.

The build sat unfinished with little progress for over a year until mid 2017 Blobehh began to pester Draglide about finishing the build. Draglide resumed work and was joined shortly thereafter by Blobehh, and the two quickly finished the throne room and began planning the rest of the castle's layout and construction.

Construction gallery


Ironguard is one of the eight senior members of the Syric Union. Though its size and wealth does not quite rival that of Halitol, it is still a large and quite magnificent city. Its walls, castles, towers, and citadels mark it as a major power in the region, with the grandeur and beauty of their architecture.

Ironguard claims (disputed) dominion over the nearby town of Sandy Bottom, controlled by the Enderian dynasty. Prince__Valiant of the Enderian Dynsty, founder of the city does not recognize the authority of Ironguard over the city, and relations between the Lord Syre and the Enderians remain cordial, resulting in neither side attempting to enforce its claim militarily.

The Province of Murcia, Freedonia's most beautiful (and only) wine country, is a part of the estate of Castillo de los Tulupes Azules, and thus is governed by Lord Syre Draglide12 at all times, regardless of who the sitting Syre of Ironguard happens to be at the time.

The lands of Ironguard also are home to multitudinous ancient ruins. Several of these ruins are under excavation and archaeological investigation by the Enderian dynasty. The ruins are believed to once have once been holy temples of the Testificate people, before the mysterious collapse of their empire several millenia ago.


Ironguard is situated on the banks of the river Corpatia; this with its especially rich soil makes the region ideal for agriculture, and the lands of Ironguard are home to some of the most productive and prosperous farms in all of Freedonia. The particularly productive vineyards of Murcia generate great taxes for the Syre as countless barrels of the finest wines are exported from here across Freedonia. Ironguard itself is also a regional center of higher education, and it is home to some of the world's finest blacksmiths, both of which draw many prospective students and apprentices from around Freedonia.

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