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nexus_towns.png Kyrza

Kyrza before moonrise.

Founder Reseres and thesprazzler
Contributors theschlozmeister and Eilidh23
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 100m
Size west to east 100m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-12673
Dimension Overworld
Map link



Kyrza is the capital city of the ancient country Kyrzastan.


Kyrza was discovered in late spring, by an explorer who strayed deep into the southern continent. What he found was a picturesque, ancient city, with caf├ęs dotting Lake Kyr and small markets littering the surrounding plains. Sunlight left the place comfortably warm, it's strength offset by breezes from the frozen mountaintops nearby. Undeniably, it was a pleasant city unburdened by the minutia and pressures of life on the mainland.

In a different time, Kyrza was once home to the Divisorians, a clan of hunter gatherers that eventually emigrated to Three Biomes Divide.

So, our brave explorer Reseres saw an opportunity. He persuaded the previous inhabitants to up sticks, thanks to his cunning and a few beads he had to hand. The simple folk left and began to farm elsewhere on the southern continent, eking out a simplistic existence on the edge of the known world.

So, what was there to do? Reseres renowned for nothing, decided to hire some of his famous friends to come live in the city, and by their example attract more players. So, along they came, helping briefly before they decided to wander off and do something else. Now Reseres is alone in the city, with nothing but his hand and a few raunchy murals for company.

If you want to come give Reseres a helping hand, please massage him ingame. He'll supply mats and such, and might even pay you for your trouble (probably not)


Kyrzastani buildings are some of the sturdiest, with metre thick stone walls and reinforced sprucewood filling the gaps.

Their cyan painted roofs are camouflage to the colourblind megaraptors that possibly might hunt around the area, and/or exist.


Kyrzastani culture is centred on their god, Genchun, who is said to be the creator of the Iyrbeck and all other unusually-shaped locations in the world.

The temple is located up on the edge of the Uzids, where only the bravest pilgrims dare trek.

With the arrival of the God-Capitalist, Coffee houses and restaurants have popped up around Kyrza along with the cultures brought about by mainland contractors. Tensions have arisen between the few native Kyrzastanis and the new citizens of the Cyan-city.

The City Hall

The City Hall

The City Hall

A view from the edge of the Uzids

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