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A "litttle accident" involving fire in action
The admin-only warp Test1, where admins can practice with potentially destructive tools (and usually get little accidents out of their system). Players are warned to keep a distance from it, as sudden and violent landscaping is liable to occur in the area. This map screenshot demonstrates a selection of little accident remnants.
Little accident involving mob spawners.
A minor incident with the degriefstick.
A crowd gathers around a mysterious bedrock block replacing a sign on the Visitor Centre, a protected area.

A general term of reference for accidents that tend to be far from "little" in reality, usually caused by typos or other dramatic fuckups when using admin tools. Associated with ToneDial especially.

Such incidents usually involve the annihilation or irreversible alteration of large portions of landscape and man-made buildings, the spontaneous creation of horrible ugly unnatural monstrosities, and other misuse of dangerous admin and moderator commands resulting in general crashing of clients and servers alike.


Tools associated with little accidents

Notable little accidents

Night of A Million Torches

  • Millions of objects spawned causing any client loading the affected chunk to instantly crash.
  • Perpetrator: Causeless
  • Tool: /item
  • Cause: Trying to spawn ten million torches, thinking the command would instead produce a single unlimited block as a previous server bug caused it to. It didn't.
  • Solution: SlowRiot locating and deleting the entire affected chunk area.

Canal flood


  • Millions of unkillable slime mobs spawned, server grinds to a halt.
  • Perpetrator: ToneDial
  • Tool: /spawnmob
  • Cause: Thinking that spawning millions of bugged mobs would somehow be a good idea.
  • Solution: Backup restore of all of Freedonia.

The Cacticlysm

  • Half of Freedonia filled with a giant cactus cube, which spontaneously split apart into cactus items, crashing all connected clients, and finally the server itself.
  • Perpetrator: ToneDial
  • Tool: Cuboid
  • Cause: right-clicking once at one end of the map, and once at spawn (thinking it was twice at spawn).
  • Solution: Killing the server to prevent a disk write, causing loss of all progress since last save.


  • Effect: massive portions of Freedonia spontaneously covered in snow.
  • Perpetrator: ToneDial
  • Tool: WorldEdit
  • Cause: typo (1000 radius instead of 100) for //freeze command.
  • Solution: SlowRiot manually going around and //thawing affected areas. Many artificially snowed-on areas still remain.
ToneDial's little accident with sniper at spawn.
...a well-documented incident!

Stone disc at spawn

  • Effect: entire spawn area filled with a giant stone disc at waist height.
  • Perpetrator: ToneDial
  • Tool: VoxelSniper
  • Cause: Ignoring documented sniper bug where the first click often lands near spawn. Compounded by using a stupidly massive radius for a sniper command.
  • Solution: bastetfurry manually copying over the damaged part from a local backup with the help of WorldEdit.

Canal flood 2

  • Effect: Same as Canal Flood 1, except the subsequent cleanup operation drained part of a nearby sea.
  • Perpetrator: runechan
  • Tool: WorldEdit
  • Cause: Same as canal flood 1, plus excessive radius specified when trying to clean up via //drain.
  • Solution: runechan and SlowRiot manually performing //fixwater over small sections of the affected sea.

The Nothing

A corner of a deleted area
  • Effect: Wiped out a number of 512x512 chunks of the world, leaving only the void
  • Perpetrator: Not yet publically disclosed
  • Tool: VoxelSniper
  • Cause: someone tried to delete massive circle using voxelsniper
  • Solution: SlowRiot restoring the affected areas from backup, requiring a server restart. Some massive flat areas remain where chunk replacement failed.

Obby-lievable Redstone Spawn

Part of the affected area
  • Effect: Changed most of spawn's sand and sandstone to redstone block and obsidian
  • Perpetrator: Yet to come forward
  • Tool: WorldEdit
  • Cause: //replace sand,sandstone redstone,obsidian for reasons unknown
  • Solution: Palindrome7 uses //replace to restore the sand and sandstone back to its original state

Dirt Star

The Dirt Star as seen from bellow
  • Effect: Created a giant sphere of dirt encasing many floating islands in the town Batugus
  • Perpetrator: SlowRiot
  • Tool: VoxelSniper
  • Cause: Anna_28 asking for some dirt to build floating islands.
  • Solution: Many players hand digging the entire sphere to collect all the dirt blocks.


Slime on fire
  • Effect: Very very large slimes, very hard to kill. When killed, spawn more... also large... slimes
  • Perpetrators: Palindrome7, TheDarkrai85, SlowRiot
  • Tool: 1.7 NBT-specifying spawnmob command
  • Cause: wondering just how big a size-100 slime would be
  • Solution: Admins shooting and throwing potions at the slimes for an extended period of time, using modified superweapons, and generally calling everyone in to take a pot shot. Complicated somewhat by SlowRiot throwing invisibility potions at the slimes.

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