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Settlement Ovis Aries

Render overview December 2014

Founder getplayerhead.sh?sheep1997&16.png sheep1997, getplayerhead.sh?Aussie_sheep&16.png Aussie_sheep
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?stromhurst&16.png stromhurst
Category Villages
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes (FlyingJellyfish Route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=2814
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp MountJackal
Map link
A street view early in the settlement's history

OvisAries is a small isolated sanctuary town reachable primarily by boat link.




The story of how this little sanctuary came to be is a long one, but these words must be recorded for other sheeplings to follow in example, and to learn from the wisdom and the knowledge which has been brought to us through this town.
This town was once a city; and this city housed many sheeplings. Twas an area of happiness and prosperity. An independent governing body, not toiling in the politics of modern Freedonia society; ruled over the city with an eagle eye. Watching each being go through it's daily routine; waking up and then falling back to sleep that night. But days like these where sheeplings were free and happy were not to last. For sheeplings are of a cunning sort. They can plot and scandal which most tales will tell you to believe otherwise. But sheeplings are clangorous. And there was one sheepling more cunning than the rest and more eccentric. Though this sheepling lived among the more influential sheeplings at the time. This one's name was: Sheep1996. Sheep1996 was named as he was the 1996th clone of the first sheepling, and though they were clones they were all so very different.
Sheep1996 did not appreciate that he was not unique, that he was the same as every other sheepling living in this city. So as the influential sheepling he was; a law was created. That any further clone Sheep's were to be executed.

And so it was. Many sheeplings were wiped off the face of the Freedonian world. Sheep1996 however was pleased but he was not satisfied. He ordered the death of many sheeplings who had come before him; but only peasant sheeplings. For Sheep1996 could not bare the thought of killing off those who had brought him to his status in the first place. So after all of his plundering and his murdering he was happy. Only 20 sheeplings remained in the city. But as these 20 had never done a days labour in their lives the started to wither. They had no food, and no running sewage. The 20 became savages and turned upon each-other. The few that survived fled into the wild and were never to be seen again. But one remained. Sheep1996 had stayed and he walked the streets of this once happy community. As he walked he reflected and he pondered and he returned to his home and sat. He opened up his chest, which was located next to the chair and pulled from it a baby sheepling which he had kept from the authorities; Sheep1997. He gave the task to Sheep1997 to rebuild this once great civilisation to its former glory.

So there it began. His destiny placed in his hand by his father. To create the city to it's former state. To when times were prosperous and joyful. To when times were better.

Along the way, Sheep1997 met an Australian Sheep to aid him in his quest to rebuild OvisAries.

That previous story may or may not have been bollocks.

The Town

The Start

After he had started to rebuild he found inspiration from Avalon and Port Dhal. The first trials of his houses were awful, but he tried until he found a type of style that he was happy and thought that he could work around. A mix of Oak log, clean stone, and planks he was able to create a very cosy and inviting house. Thanks to many friends to help with contributing many materials and items which otherwise would have taken a long time to acquire himself. His dream town was looking like it could become a reality.

The Middle

Aussie and Sheep like to say that they have "'Completed' - Nothing and 'In progress' - Everything."
But, if we are serious; from the map the town looks rather small. However due to the density of the building and many of the underground structures, this build has taken a long time and is still a work in progress.

  • Farms
  • Windmill
  • Sewers
  • 3 Streets
  • Underground rail system
  • Temple
  • Many, many houses
  • 4 Bridges
  • 3 Tunnels
  • Pumpkin lighting system

The End

I know for sure that it's not finished yet, and it wont be for a while. To be blunt Sheep procrastinates and moves at a frustratingly slow pace. He is also lazy.

We don't have a portal to The End.

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