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User AyeMockingBird
Known as Aye, Mockingbird, etc
Gender Male
Location North America
DOB 28 June
In Freedonia
First joined July 29th, 2016
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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Founder of Phoenix Isles and Phoenix Corp

Legacy OG Fakestaff member.



Originally joined as AyeMockingBird

2 Nov 2016 - 1 Mar 2018 AyeMB Why? AyeMockingBird felt too long

1 Mar 2018 - current AyeMockingBird Why? Nostalgia

Projects/builds on the server

Phoenix Isles

  • A series of giant artificial islands still being constructed. If ever completed, this project will have a full and active city.


  • Some giant pixel art in the ocean of an anime character.


  • (coming soon in 2019)



AyeMockingBird started off on MinecraftOnline building a small home and then working for people like skybirdthing and Bowbyslag. After helping build a sugar cane farm for skybirdthing he was invited to join townbuildthing. He later joined Fakestaff and built a small dorm. He then moved forward and continued making friends, having fun, and getting more diamonds. He eventually became self sufficient and started working on Phoenix Isles in August 2016, which he is still working on, two years later. Aye likes building and helping out, and is now working on things all over Freedonia's world.

Modding AyeMockingBird was modded along with Jibletz and treepuncher755 on January 18th, 2017.

Some Quotes

Your sass is okay in small doses - Thaelo

Aye I'll kick your butt - Thaelo

You are my favorite homosexual bird - treepuncher755

./ban AyeMB Sexual Harassment - Jibletz

gAyeMB - Anna_28

Where did Aye go this time? - Anna_28 AyeMB, Diplo wants to know if the MB stands for Mega Bitch - Prince__Valiant

Some Screenshots


  • Aye's half birthday is Anna_28's birthday and vice versa

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