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User Mr_Fudgy

A skin made by CrazyGirl3264. The red and orange lines in hair equal to a character in an old book he partially made.

Known as Fudge or Fudgy
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 8 January 2002
Occupation College Student
In Freedonia
First joined 7/5/2016
First building Lunaris Crypta "The Lunar Vault"
Donor level ***** Nether
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Quotes I Have Come to Love
"vBw is a bigger bitch than a fat hooker" BUTTERCRUSHER
"./ban Turn_Off Reason: Being a Turn_Off" KevinGriffioen
"These fucking griefers are like an STD man they appear out of nowhere" Draco297


The Fudgemeister Has Entered The Building

Mr_Fudgy first joined Freedonia on July 4th, 2016. He had learned about the server from a good friend of his, ScarClaw72. When Mr_Fudgy, known by most friends as Fudgy or Fudge, first entered the server, his mind instantaneously grew blank... he usually didn't play Survival at all and was taken aback when he realized he hadn't played Survival in over a year. Nevertheless, he drew forward and found himself in a world that no one in their right mind could ever imagine. Ever since that day, he had been playing and building on the server to his heart's content.


Mr_Fudgy first got into the "YouTube game" on Jan 5th, 2016. He was the star personality in a video of one of his long time friends, ScarClaw72. This video was the starting of a Skyblock series that the two of them had intended on continuing for a long time. A link to this video can be found here. Unfortunately, the series ended quickly with argument after argument. But, nevertheless, he continued doing videos with ScarClaw72 and still does to this day.

Besides being featured on Scar Claw's channel in multiple videos and animations, including some that he very much hated and still hates his friend for, he is not an actual YouTuber himself. He has thought multiple times about becoming one and seeing how far he could go but has never gone through with it.

During the 2017 summer, Mr_Fudgy decided to team up with long time friend CrazyGirl3264, and create the YouTube channel, "Intelex". Although the channel was created and plans were put in place... the channel still has no videos to this day and plans have been set off due to stress and anxiety from school.

Buildings and Contributions to Freedonia

Lunaris Crypta "The Lunar Vault".
Proximum Luna "Neighbor Luna".
Turris Lucia "The Tower of Lucia".
Vetus Aestate Domus "The Old Summer House" in NHCity.

Lunaris Crypta "The Lunar Vault"

When Mr_Fudgy first joined Freedonia, he was immediately told by his friend ScarClaw72, to go to exact coordinates to work on a build he had been thinking about. The only bad thing was, was that no Moderators or Admins were online to teleport him to the location. So, he spent 2 and a half hours swimming and running and climbing, dying repeatedly, and running out of food bars just to get to this spot to realize it was under and ocean.

As soon as he climbed down under the water and found the air bubble, he started digging a small room with ScarClaw. In the process of this, ScarClaw started a YouTube recording about what we were planning to do in the world of Freedonia and our build we were planning to start. Thus, Project: MOON was born. Later renamed Lunaris Crypta, "The Lunar Vault", the base was designed and set up to be a "bunker" from the outside world. Little by little, tunnels were dug out and rooms were created.

This build is still in the process of being built, so keep up to date with it here Project MOON.

Proximum Luna "Neighbor Luna"

On top of the new location of Lunaris Crypta, gigantic rings were built by none other than Mr_Fudgy himself. The biggest circle measured 601 blocks in diameter and took him 3 days to complete it. Five smaller rings were included inside the main rings and plans for housing and auto-farms have been put into place for the interiors of the circles.

Paths were created from the absolute center to the outside points in all four directions. These paths were then covered with medieval style coverings to give a feeling of detail and medieval architecture.

This project is interconnected with Lunaris Crypta, so to keep up to date with it please visit here Project MOON.

Turris Lucia "The Tower of Lucia"

This tower, pronounced "Lou-sh-ah", was entirely built by Mr_Fudgy with minor architecture comments from ScarClaw72. This tower was to commemorate the old monument from the old location of Lunaris Crypta which was built by Mr_Fudgy, ScarClaw72 and, SkullBuilderX. This new monument is three stories high with six layers and was nicknamed "The Wedding Cake" by ScarClaw72 because of its tiers.

This tower also has a secret sent "sky-high". If you are one of the people to find this secret area, let it be known that you are considered one of the "Special" by Mr_Fudgy.

Vetus Aestate Domus "The Old Summer House"

After NHC_THK asked Mr_Fudgy to build something in NHCity. He promised that he would build a house to decorate the land of his city.

On August 22nd, 2017, Mr_Fudgy spent around 5 hours building, detailing, and decorating his two story medieval summer house. After two careful look-overs, he decided that his house was perfect and continued his work on Proximum Luna.

Neato Facts About Your's Truly

  Mr_Fudgy is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Co-Architect, Design Assistant of Project MOON.
  Mr_Fudgy is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Lead Architect, and Co-Designer of Proximum Luna.
  Mr_Fudgy hates people in general, but specifically people like Dethsh0k and Billshields.
  On July 5th, 2016, Mr_Fudgy broke a fence in Lothendal's castle and earned himself a Warning from KittyBoy666.
  Mr_Fudgy has brought 3 friends onto the server but only one of them play sorta regularly now.
  Mr_Fudgy loves Medieval buildings.
  Mr_Fudgy loves Latin and names all of his builds with Latin names with English translations.
  Mr_Fudgy is nicknamed, "The Lord of The Rings" because of all the circles he has built.


On December 28, 2017 at 6:45 (EST) ScarClaw72 gave Mr_Fudgy the Iron Rank for a late Christmas present.

Mr_Fudgy just donated £20.00 for the iron kit!
TheCreatorYT gg
snakyman c o n g r a t s
Mr_Fudgy *snorts* Omfg Thank you Scar
TheLastWarriorSC72 Merry Christmas Fudgy! :D

Later that night, at exactly 7:43 (EST) Mr_Fudgy got his Christmas present from his father and upgraded from Iron Rank to Nether Rank.

Mr_Fudgy just donated £127.00 to upgrade from the iron kit to the nether kit!
TheCreatorYT woah
Mr_Fudgy Haha!
Mr_Fudgy Thank you Scar for the boost
Chewy27_ sccar is giving out free boosts?
TheCreatorYT wdym?
TheCreatorYT can i have a boost
ScarClaw72 Yes?
witchy1000 Damn! Gratz Fudge
Mr_Fudgy Thanks
Chewy27_ dammit, why did I have to miss out on the blackfriday sale
McObot (MCS) <bawestman> congratz mr_fudgy
McObot (MCS) <bawestman> welcome to the nether donor club@

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