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User TheCubester

The face of me

Known as Cube
Gender Male
Location The Universe
Nationality America
DOB 8 24 2002
Occupation School :(
In Freedonia
First joined 16 July 2015
First building Cobble Hut
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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About Him

Friendly, mostly cheery, and happy to help, TheCubester is a good guy to get to know. A bonus of knowing him is the safety in the fact that after killing your for your head he will never kill you again unless you are AFK and/or in his way. He also is known for giving out items from his donor kits to people he really likes. He also from the time of writing onward is going to make an effort to control his massive OCD problem and not immediately fix the griefings people have made, but rather /greport them instead.

My Story

2015: In the Beginning TheCubester joined Freedonia on June 16th 2015 as Catman4592. One of his first friends was Reseres. To start off on his long trek to conquer Freedonia, he built a crappy cobble house and lived in it for a while. After finally getting settled down to start mining, Reseres teleported to him and said that he should move further away from Spawn, as there were no ores to find around Spawn. He said yes, and Reseres transported him to a jungle.

It was around this time when he met a new player named Cabrerabadboy, joining Freedonia for the first time. After Cabrerabadboy got settled down he asked TheCubester if he wanted to team with him. Cube said yes, and they started to mine for iron. After they got a large supply of iron from a ravine, TheCubester went offline for a few weeks and, during this time, Cabrerabadboy was struck by the banhammer. Shortly afterward, he decided to change his walls from cobblestone to brick, and generally making his house nicer. Then he met feb1980 and soon he and feb1980 became friends and made a secondary house together. He and feb1980 decided to go to a server to cool off from making the house, and TheCubester kicked his butt at the racing minigame. ;) After coming back to MCO, they finished the house and have been living in it ever since.

2016: A New Start TheCubester has decided 2016 to be a new beginning. He has now made a Youtube Channel, TheCubester. TheCubester has relocated to a top secret location, and only visits feb1980 and TheCubester's house to stock up on supplies. He now goes under TheCubester and records videos daily. He uploads videos every time he's able to, which is most of the time. He now enjoys running around Spawn and finding griefs to /greport. TheCubester has now changed his name to his current one, after he decided that he didn't like his previous username, HerobrineSlayaYT. He has also changed his YT username. He has now donated for the first time, and he wants to continue to do so. He will always help you out if you need something done unless life fucks him up. Then he can't. He is excited for a new year to begin, and wants everyone to have a Merry Christmas.

2017: Switching Over TheCubester is now a proud diamond donor, and managed to be (somehow) the only one out of two people to get a Nintendo Switch on release date in his town. Zelda is goals. Now that he has gotten to the diamond ranks, a notable achievement for him, he is faced with possible issues. He expects, and has now gotten to, get to the obsidian rank, but doesn't know how he will get the other ranks and achieve his goal as god, except for the possible exception of a sale at the donation place. He is more than excited for the new Sonic and Mario games, and is moving into high school this year.



  • Nice People
  • Building Things
  • Seeing all the cool buildings that people have built
  • MinecraftOnline
  • Chatting with people
  • Occasionally sitting on railroad tracks to fuck up traffic
  • Jeering at people's mistakes
  • Eating Cake
  • Helping people
  • Killing people


  • CAKE!!!!
  • CATS!!!!
  • Decapitating people!


  • People asking for op as soon as they join
  • Angry People
  • People who abuse the s/ command.
  • Griefers.
  • Hackers.
  • People with better PVP skills than he has.
  • People who swear too much to the point of being obnoxious and rude.
  • Large groups of griefers and/or hackers who join under the impression that the server is like 2b2t.
  • People who make a language-related excuse when accused of griefing.

Initiated Projects

  • CakeVille
  • Private Gallery
  • Hallway of Heads

Finished Projects

  • Cobble Hut (now made out of Bricks)
  • feb1980 and TheCubester's House
  • Bedrock Mine
  • Wheat Farm
  • Tree Farm
  • Animal Farm
  • Quarry
  • Quarry Mines

To-Be-Started Projects

  • XP Farm

Projects that will never see the light of day

  • StoneHenge
  • Hotel


[My YouTube (Subscribe, Please):]

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