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Building Freedonia Birthday Cake

For the 6th birthday of Freedonia, Bowbyslag and ScarClaw72 get together and create a giant cake to celebrate

Owner ScarClaw72 Bowbyslag
Contributors skybirdthing Mr_Fudgy Zomon333 JZTech101 macfullarton FinFlip10 Markrafter9 skiwalker1
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Unknown
Coordinates X=7072
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Jimmyville
Map link


The Freedonia Cake

The Project

With the approach of Freedonia's 6th Birthday, ScarClaw72 had a crazy idea while on teamspeak with Bowbyslag and pitched the idea of a giant cake. Bowbyslag agreed to the idea, and together they began to work continuously. Many people came to help during the project, and thanks to the work of everyone it was completed on time. It hosted a party for the the 6th birthday of Freedonia.

Progress Gallery skybirdthing placed signs all over the top floor during the 5th birthday party.
Work begins on the Anniversary Cake.
A lot of wool will be needed for this project...
After ScarClaw72 gives up from frustration, his redstone mess is cleared so someone else can take over. ScarClaw72 gets glitched inside a piece of cake.
All the markers from ScarClaw72's clumsy demises during the project.

Anniversary Cake Interior The bottom floor of the Anniversary Cake

Fun Facts

  - Over 29,000 pieces of wool were used.
  - It took ScarClaw72 several hours to try and wire the dancefloor before giving it up, 
and passing it over to Zomon333.
  - ScarClaw72 was at his grandparents and sadly missed the anniversary party.
  - ScarClaw72 died 8 times from falling when building the walls and the roof.
  - Bowbyslag was responsible for most of the resource supplying.
  - skybirdthing left signs quite literally everywhere in the cake after the party.
  - 10 people total helped build the cake.

2016 Party

The party held for Freedonia's 6th birthday.

The Party

Hosted primarily by bowbyslag, after being built in time, a server party was hosted at The Anniversary Cake. Unfortunately, ScarClaw72 was unable to make it to the party. Signs were flooded the top floor afterwards due to skybirdthing spamming them all over.

2017 Party ScarClaw72, NHC_THK, and witchy1000 together hanging before the 2017 Birthday Party

The party held for Freedonia's 7th birthday.

Plans Setup ScarClaw72 wanted to continue use of The Anniversary Cake, and decided to host another party for 2017. Unlike the previous year he made sure he would be able to attend and would be hosting it himself this year.

The Party

Yet to occur

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