Gran Syre

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Settlement Gran Syre
Founder Draglide12
Contributors Cree_dance Anna_28 Rufas reaverofdrknes1 aggrievedCanine Bawestman Jibletz
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Somewhat
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Nexus link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Mushiana route)
Coordinates X=2466
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Gardopolis
Map link


Gran Syre is the Capital, and one of the eight senior partners, of the Syric Union, a federation of largely independent city states, all owned and governed by Draglide12. The city was originally to be called "New Halitol" however, Draglide12 was reading one of his own typos and thought "Syre" was kind of a cool name, and decided it should be the name of his new city. "Gran" was added to add a sense of grandeur and significance to the city.


Gran Syre was founded in late 2014 by Draglide12. It is a city built in the desert, founded between two mountain ranges and a collection of oases (lakes). It is built in Mesopotamian style primarily with some less ancient (Abbasid Dynasty Reign) inspired Islamic style buildings.

As of its founding Gran Syre is located on the edge of the map, and is father from spawn than any other city. Treetopia, another "build" of Draglide's is located nearby.

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