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nexus_cities.png New Wood
Founder Ken_the_Husky
Contributors AwesomeAveryD, Lil_Moofles, Jossps, ChayseTheProto, Flamehaze97
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 1.000m
Size west to east 1,000m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Not Yet
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-339
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Also Known as Cobble City. Founded July 9th 2018.

<AmynStar>: I like this Town



  1. No Griefing
  2. Server Rules before City rules...ALWAYS
  3. Try to stay within the theme
  4. Have fun
  5. If it isn't yours- don't touch it.

5(b). Unless you are authorized by the owner to do so
"Above all... Have fun Build grow."


New Wood is a city located on Route 101 about 6k away from spawn in the southern region. New wood Is a boomtown growing from 1 to 7 population in a month and adding 5 new skyscrapers. The mayor of New wood is Ken_the_Husky

Memberships Flamehaze97 and Ken_the_Husky decided to make a republic in MCO while they were talking to now banned snakyman. The republic became known as Cascadia Wood Republic and was founded in January 2020. On March 16, 2020, Cascadia Wood Republic was annexed into Bedrocco Empire as the State of Cascadia Wood alongside the states of Chollo, New Northwest Verico, Las Vereno, Sand Island, Humble Colonist Cottage, and Catini Catra. New Wood maintained capital status due to it's strategic position to spawn until Mid April 2020 before moving to Dragon River Peak City which received more traffic.

History of New Wood

New Wood was founded on 101 on July 9th 2018 by Ken_the_Husky at the time known as {{user|space24]] when Ken first joined and typed down /wilderness he was teleported about 1000 blocks west from the current site of new wood he built a small farm and a road but Ken had a change of plans and moved to the nearest road he could find and started new wood from there new wood was initially based on a Ussr Russian city because Ken thought it was funny and about a month after its founding it changed into a normal city Ken quit the server and went on Haidas for a year before he got banned from his other server he played on and he moved back to MCO New Wood started to grow again by expanding the Ole Cobble Inn more roads houses but resources where tight and he stopped building after a week of not building ScarClaw72 donated 3 double chests of cobblestone to Ken and that kickstarted the building boom New Wood is still experiencing today. later on a new resource was found in BearTown at its public cobble farm the only resource New Wood had was cobble hence why the city is mostly made of cobble about 3 months later jossps mayor of Neo Tokyo showed Ken The Iron Reef for the first time with the new resources Ken built up new wood as fast as possible and built 5 new skyscrapers and is still building to this day.

The Future of New Wood

New Wood is planned to be one of the largest modern skyscraper-filled city in Freedonia land reclaiming in the bay by New Wood is taking place and will become downtown future plans to a metro system in underway and nexus link is planned the city is going to continue to have the building pallet and architecture of Chicago or a rustbelt city of the us new wood will continually look for new residents and contributors. Prior to building Barrow, Ken_The_Husky abandoned the town of New Wood altogether and focused on Barrow and Nan Madol and other endeavors.


Notable Builds

Notable Points of interests

  • Downtown
  • TownHall
  • Hot springs


Harrison Projects

the Harrison project is a project proposed and started by Ken_the_Husky the mayor of new wood. the project is currently on hold due to lack or resources. the project is support to consist of 3 tall slender skyscrapers over 150 blocks tall made of wool and fixated in glass.=

Ole Cobble Inn

=The Ole Cobble inn in New Wood was first founded in October 2018 it was the second building made in New Wood the building was initially named vladimere lenin inn due to the fact Ken the mayor of New Wood found that name funny the building consists of 2 towers the first tower on the historical district and is 3 stories tall it is the original building and is poorly put together due to the fact Ken was very poor at the time of its building the second tower is sunder construction atm and is connected to the old building with a catwalk that crosses lake ST the second tower is planned to be 175 blocks tall below the second tower is a natural lake or pool that is used for the pool for the inn and is accessed from the left side of the second entrance the Ole Cobble in is a icon of the city of New Wood.


This page was edited by ChayseTheProto. with the permission of Ken_the_Husky Flamehaze97 edited this wiki page on 4-16-2020 6:46PM Eastern, All players can freely contribute to the wiki

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