Snaketown - New Snak City Highway

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Building Snaketown - New Snak City highway
Owner snakyman bloo_noodle
Contributors ScarClaw72 IvanLeshev LewisD95
Category Infrastructure
Underground? partially
Public? Public access
Height Mostly at sea levelm
Coordinates X=-7313
Dimension overworld
Map link

This road connects Snaketown to New Snak City across the ocean. Since Snaketown Is connected to Forrrest, and New Snak City is connected to mainland Freedonia, it can be said that this road connects Forrrest to the mainland and bloo_noodle's expansive highway network.

If you would like to make a branch of it connecting to your place, or would like to open up a boat pass because there are no existing ones near where you want to make a boat route, please contact snakyman.

New Bridge

There is a new bridge next to it made by bloo_noodle. It is nice, and is made out of stone, opposed to the older 1 block wide birch road at sea level. It is being repurposed for a minecart route to Forrrest.

A New Beginning

The old highway is planned to be repurposed as a minecart route to Forrrest. The highway is now part of the Great Northwestern Highway

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