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An example of grief to the Flippeh Statue at spawn by defacing others work in the form of adding blocks

"well if this is the way you treat people who grief then i promise i wont do it again" RiskyCraft

"I break some glowstone and lapis blocks and every staff member in the game converges on my location." SleekHank

"Sleek, if we ignored that it would be like a police officer ignoring gunshots in the distance." AgentMuu

"a grief is break a thing" JoseSlime14

Grief (noun) or griefing (verb) is defined in summary as damaging anyone else's work in-game.

Griefing is the one principle bannable offence at MinecraftOnline.

A typical griefer

Examples of grief

"Griefers ran over my cat with a lawnmower :(" AgentMuu

"why'd you break that sign." Kittyboy666
"i wanted it" 0gabbagabba

"why did you break this mushroom oso?" Draglide12
"I have to do something fun in my long life" oso24

"why did you break that jukebox back there?" treepuncher755
"cause i like to party and you cant party without music am i right" AppleWorm5796

"ZoxieLP, why did you break this cobblestone?" LewisD95
"because i needed one cobblestone…" ZoxieLP

"hey, that's prehistoric property you are breaking right there!" caisworld

"GIVE ME diamonds and i dont break block.OK?" tondataaa

Specifically, any of the following count as griefing:

  • Breaking any blocks, even single blocks, intentionally placed by another player in the course of construction, e.g.:
    • Breaking windows;
    • Breaking signs, paintings, itemframes or leads;
    • Breaking lava or water blocks;
    • Breaking blocks placed to prevent chests from opening;
    • Breaking and subsequently replacing blocks in order to gain access to a locked building.
  • Breaking any natural blocks that can be reasonably said to form an integral part of another player's construction, e.g.:
    • Breaking logs or other naturally-occurring blocks that are used as part of buildings
    • Breaking purposefully-planted trees or grass or other plants used as decoration
    • Breaking natural walls of underground dwellings;
    • Digging up ground under houses.
  • Placing any blocks on or around another player's work that affect it undesirably (desirability is determined by the owning player), e.g.:
    • Blocking entrances;
    • Placing dirt or other undesirable blocks on buildings;
    • Placing ladders or stacks of blocks to bypass walls
    • Building bridges to bypass moats
    • Placing water or lava buckets on others' work or near their work in such a way that the flow of lava or water affects their work.
    • Surrounding a town or structure with unsightly builds
  • Destroying 'abandoned' buildings not owned by you without specific Admin permission, e.g.:
    • Creations owned by players who are now banned
    • Creations built in a town you created. You still did not create that building.
    • Creations built by players who have not been on the server for a long time
  • Breaking a block and then putting it back afterward., e.g.:
    • removing locking blocks over chests in order to access them and then relocking
    • removing blocks to allow access through walls or floors or ceilings and then replacing them
    • removing and then replacing any block not originally placed by you
  • Using pistons to "move" a block not owned by you, e.g.:
    • using a sticky piston to shift a locking block off a chest, and then shift it back again
    • using a piston to open a doorway through a wall or ceiling that isn't yours
    • using pistons to modify, move, shift, damage or in any way alter someone else's constructions
  • Fishing items out of places, e.g.:
    • fishing items out of item frames

What is not grief

"greef meens donot brace blocks that dint plase" EnderKid007

Grief is NOT any of the following:

  • Stealing from exposed chests, as long as no blocks were broken to gain access;
  • Killing players in PVP, but ensure it does not descend into bullying;
  • Killing or in any way interacting with mobs;
  • Changing mob spawner types;
  • Eating cake, even if it is the last slice;
  • Using anvils, even if that breaks the anvil;
  • Trampling crops, as long as no blocks are broken by hand;
  • Breaking or placing boats or minecarts;
  • Activating buttons or levers;
  • Opening and closing doors;
  • Adjusting repeaters and the orientation of objects inside item frames;
  • Placing traps designed to kill players on one's own constructions;
  • Assisting other players in building with their consent;
  • Approved modification or takeover of confirmed abandoned buildings, only when an admin has given prior approval for the action. So no, moderators cannot give that sort of permission.
  • Modifying or destroying natural constructions - anything generated by the server without player intervention. However, you should make 100% sure that the NPC village you are modifying was not really built by a player; otherwise you will face the consequences for grief as normal. If in doubt, it is a good idea to leave it alone.
  • Attempting to break or modify blocks within protected areas. However, if you are not sure if it is protected, and it breaks, you will face the consequences for grief as normal. Again, if in doubt, it is a good idea to leave it alone.
  • Cleaning up after addition-grief a griefer caused to your own build. If someone adds to your build without your permission, you are, of course, permitted to break the unwanted blocks without penalty.

Bear in mind that many of the destructive actions listed above, such as breaking minecarts - while not strictly grief - are broadly considered "a dick move". If a player persists in carrying them out with malicious intent, that player may attract staff intervention of some form.

Why not use editing protection?

We would rather have a server with players we can trust to respect each others' work, than force players to protect their work in neat partitioned boxes to avoid grief. Therefore we choose to invest in building up an amazing community and highly reliable moderator team, rather than using such artificially restrictive modifications. As a result, we choose to permanently exclude harmful elements from the community, and ensure we maintain a trustworthy playerbase with whom you can enjoy sharing a world.

We have occasionally had players log on and break blocks, then claim they were "helping" us by checking to see if something was protected so they could warn the owner.

As we don't utilize editing protection, obviously they'll not find anything protected, and we don't need or want this kind of "help".

This is not a valid exception to our Grief rule because our rule does not have exceptions.

Regardless of your claims of intention, breaking others' blocks without permission is still grief and still bannable. Don't do it.

What if you see someone griefing?

"Don't break those blocks! I'm reporting you!" Cvd12

If you see someone griefing (or you see that there has been a grief going on) you can contact a staff member ingame or use: /greport description

For example: /greport someone griefed my house because half of my house is gone

Alternatively if you are unsure if something is already reported, (you found it inside Spawn for example), you should use the /greportsnear command to check for nearby grief reports and then proceed to report if there is no currently existing /greport for your problem.

"Feel free to kill them to slow down their ability to grief" - Krenath