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RulesThese are pages which discuss rules on MinecraftOnline, as well as corrective procedures which may be taken.

"Do i need to read it in all languages?" Britanian

MinecraftOnline has only one key rule:

  • Do not damage anything anyone else made.

This is referred to as "griefing" in shorthand, and is discussed in detail in the grief article.

However, maintaining playability and reasonable community balance on a public server requires more fine-grained control than this, so there exist a variety of more detailed rules and exceptions that deal with many areas of gameplay, from PVP to chat spam.

As a result, MinecraftOnline has two other main rules:

  • Do not flood the chat or overuse commands. (Don't Spam)
  • Do not use unfair ways to gain advantage in survival. (Don't Cheat)

This category aims to catalogue the various rules and guidelines relevant to gameplay that exist within MinecraftOnline.

 < Reseres> Did you read the rules?
 < Evil_Adam> yes
 < Reseres> How many are there?
 < Evil_Adam> omg i quit Evil_Adam left the game.

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