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Settlement Aeston Isle

An overview of the main islands

Founder Decoder1
Contributors Hirudo6 Violet_Apathy snakyman hprick Bukarest
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes, Citizenship Required
Size north to south 300m
Size west to east 300m
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-13031
Dimension Overworld
Map link



Officially founded on October 23rd, 2018, Aeston Isle or sometimes simply Aeston is a new town situated on the Mushroom island of the same name in the far-southwest frontier. Though far from any warps or major rail lines, Aeston offers itself as a break to travelers and as a calm place to settle down. The town proper consists of the largest island, distinguishable by its mushroom biome, along with seven smaller, government-claimed islands not far off. The islands can be determined by the presence of torches and of name plaques, for America Isle, Bastillia Isle, the Gemelos North and South Isles, the North Outer Islands and South Outer Islands, and the Sandbar respectively.

Aeston Isle and its surrounding islands are united under the First Aeston Republic.

History of Aeston Isle

Aeston Isle was created sometime after the 2013 Border expansion. It remained relatively unsettled for many years. The only contributions were two court-styled structures made by Violet_Apathy, who was a moderator at that time. It remained that way until mid-2018, when Hirudo6, traveling across the ocean, stumbled upon it. He constructed Cobble Port, with the stated attention of attracting settlers to the island.

Later that year, in October, that goal was apparently realized when Decoder1, just joining, found the island using the Wilderness command and founded the town proper. The previous structures, their owner and function unknown at that time, were adopted into the town and partially served as inspiration for the style of the new settlement.

Quickly attracting attention, several users offered to build in the town, namely Snakyman and thesprazzler. Hirudo6 later joined as well, refurbishing Cobble Port. This situation later gave rise to a discussion about alliances, prompted by Snakyman’s BenEm ties. Decoder declined joining, prompting Hirudo to extend an offer to form the Daybreak Union. The offer was accepted, from which point Hirudo began to contribute to the town officially.

After snakyman settled on Aeston Isle, he proceeded with the construction of a terrain extension zone along the northern coast of the Isle, now called North Peak. The shoreline was expanded to fit along the underwater shelf, increasing the surface area of the island.

Aeston Isle from journeymap as of November 20, 2018, with the original island outline outlined in black.

Over the next few months, improvement on the town progressed steadily. The government was formulated, farms were built, and many new structures were being erected. Several other nearby islands were also incorporated into the town of Aeston. Hprick also joined, residing at Aeston for a time, and contributing many buildings. Progress continued with a noticeable division in workspaces- Hprick on the northwest, Snakyman on the east, and Hirudo in the center. Each user contributed to their own sphere.

This progress slowed however, as by early 2019, Aeston, no longer new and available, was less noticeable. Hirudo6 disappeared from the server around this time. Near the end of the year, Snakyman was banned. Hprick and Decoder both became less active over time. The town, quaint and beautiful, stands quietly forgotten for the time being.

Notable Structures


Building Theme

In order to conform to general town policies, a building theme was put in place in November to make the town look neater and more unified. The building theme is as follows:

  • "For any building constructed on Aeston Isle, the first layer of blocks above ground level shall be cobblestone, and the layers above that shall be spruce planks. The roof shall be birch stairs and planks, to form a loose slope. Public buildings are allowed to be composed of stone brick. Deviations from the theme by personal judgement are allowed, but don't be hugely upset if you're asked to change it."
  • If a new citizen is unsure what to make of the building theme, see the first building, the Mayor's house.


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