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User Hirudo6

It's just a mask

Known as Hirudo6
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
DOB 07 11 19**
In Freedonia
First joined 09 July 2018
First building Yoru no Jiin
Staff member Moderator
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your average explorer, builder, city planner. On hiatus, not gone.

Ice fishing at spawn with EveeChu and Anna_28



The Initial Journey

Upon joining the sever, Hirudo6, like many others, was immediately enthralled by the rich history and creativity of the server. He determined to make an impact on the server, and set out to find a place to build. Initially aiming for a snowy spot near ForbiddenOutpost, his eye was caught by a remote island shaped remarkably like Japan. Not aware of how to use the Nexus, Hirudo6 warped to Quarryton and began the trek. After several false starts, journeys cut short by a lack of food, poor sense of direction, or bad luck, Hirudo steeled himself, gathered many stack of melons from the spawn farm, and traveled the requisite 6,742 meters to his destination. The island had lain, relatively untouched aside from a few noob huts, since at least 2014. Determining this to be some sort of divine providence, Hirudo built a castle to begin the foundation of a town.

Founding of Saikyo

Bereft of any friend or allies, Hirudo worked from his solitary castle to cover the island in buildings. While wanting it to grow, the town was effectively closed off by Hirudo to make it more presentable to visitors. Eventually however, the town did receive help from others, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. A more complete history can be found at its page. The city has underwent a steady period of growth over several months and is still ongoing.


Places I have houses in

Quotes I’ve heard

<RPS_Da_Bear> That’s actually pretty funny.
<Nekoflen> You are funny
<RPS_Da_Bear> Thanks
<Nekoflen> And Jewish
<RPS_Da_Bear> You’re funny too. Funny looking.
<Nekoflen> Shutup

<boxzy> one thing I noticed is that people don't really build practical minecraft houses you could live in.
<jimmy_808> you dont live in houses
<boxzy> Where are your furnaces Jimmy? Outside?

honestly, if i wanted too i could tear Mco apart within a day and leave it a desolate wasteland like 2b2ts spawn. SnapJaw

What are you, some kind of aboriginal beast? -Unknown, to a pigman

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