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Settlement CliffCity

Old Town From The Coming Highway

Founder TheGolum
Contributors WarDoctor42, ProHipster
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 800m
Size west to east 700m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=4210
Dimension Overworld
Nearest warp Gardopolis
Map link


From The Sky

CliffCity is a Unknown Community In The sky dangling dangerously off tallest cliff in freedoina, the city was frist started like this... One Day WarDoctor42 And Diamond_golum wanted to build more railway, with a unexpected event, The Highway went dashing for 1,000 Blocks strait and ran into a Cliff, It was threat, a Nightmare To Cross The Cliff. The Cliff was digged out Block by Block after a Hard Mounty Path of emptying the inventory 5 times, Diamond_golum gave up. Hopeless Then Anna_28 Came To The Site And blessed the Highway with rails, it became part of the FRS (Freedonia Railway System) and Hit the Cliff with No other way to go... Diamond_golum Then built A tent soon, it when into a house, After Hours into a band of houses and then into a town with roads before Diamond_golum Even knew it!

Frist Sky People

The Frist Person To Ever For say Join the town was a player by the name of ProHipster he was invited to the town by Diamond_golum At the time the town was a Small Wood Tent camp with Some supports Dangerously Holding the Town by a bit, It was hanging off the cliff, But ProHipster Helped Diamond_Golum To make the town better, he made a farm, supply House and a Large Tower! He was a big help to the town! He was one of the people that improved the town the most!

Roads & Rails

CliffCity Catch you by surprise? Do you want to visit? Well then there are some small ways to get in the town! First of All there is a Rail System! The Rail System was made by TheGolum (Diamond_Golums new username!) himself, it’s a rail branch named The Great Southeastern Line the railing goes to cliff town from the green Ares Branch. For better Mapping Look at this.
Oriental Line (Blue) <-> Green Ares Branch (Dark Green & Yellow) <-> The Great Southeastern Line (Light Blue) <-> CliffCity--do /st southeast to get there, with the Wheat Seeds in hand
Now for the roads! the roads are very nice around here there is a system of roads of the cliff- Area, Called the Roads of Tussenstad!
Ares Highway -> Golum's Highway -> CliffCity -> Rivyr or Sandmore (BOTH ROADS ARE IN PROGRESS)

Peace Contract

We have joined the "Peace Contract" of Peaceful Society,

  • CliffCity

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