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Due to the popularity of MinecraftOnline, over the time it's been running, several clone servers have sprung up that aim to emulate some of the features that make MCO and Freedonia unique. It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; therefore this page aims to explore, catalogue, and celebrate some of these duplications.


Known clone servers

  • Initiated by: Edessa
  • Other participants: Shintyx Tank_AUT
  • Duplicate features: planned identical donation system, stolen mailing list and user account information via illegal breach of security due to abuse of trust by a former admin.
  • Duplicate buildings: All (the server planned to start with a stolen copy of the Freedonia world in its entirety).
  • Aggressive acts: After the scheme was rumbled, Edessa engaged in an extensive smear campaign attempting to defame SlowRiot.
  • Present status: Abandoned

The server never really got off the ground. After an intense backlash in public opinion as a result of the revelation of the criminal intentions of the initiators, as well as the breakdown of some of their plans, the people involved lost interest. The main participants eventually claimed to have moved on, and Drathus42 returned to MCO.

Clone server showing identical cactus and reed towers, identical name sign, identical sky roads with rails, spawn visitor centre and spawn pool areas

Also known as

  • Initiated by: healthyuncle
  • Other participants: jimmyd93
  • Duplicate features: Exact copy of website which later devolved after complaints, similar layout and features on website (such as the control panel and the live map), teamspeak server, IRC bot, too many others to list. Duplication of large parts of this wiki, leading to DMCA takedown notice. Initially a Duplicate donation system with identical rank names, which still uses the same format but now has different names and ranks. Duplicate "was hit with the banhammer" message on ban, identical friends and reputation systems. Identical rules, although not enforced legitimately. Tagline "true survival".
  • Duplicate buildings: Visitor centre, statues around spawn, spawn pool, railways, DrumCity (named Cylinder City - this was removed shortly after its creation), Spawn Cactus and Reed, near identical Pigchinko arenas, and many others.
  • Aggressive acts:
    • Chat logs were obtained of healthyuncle arranging a DDoS attack on MCO, after which several of his staff attempted without success to carry out such an attack, and were caught and denounced. Upon their discovery healthyuncle denied participation in the scheme. Eventually a phonecall to his parents apparently resolved the issue.
    • On 21 Feb 2013, after player techkid6 posted a screenshot on this wiki showing BHS's duplicate Hourly gift feature alongside a sign claiming to be the oldest Minecraft server, that player account was banned on BHS with the text "alt of SlowRiot; appeal at" and subsequently informed that if he vandalised this page of the wiki, his account would be unbanned.
  • Trying to remove the appearance of having copied things, occasionally accuses MCO of DDoSing the server. Many players have left the server as they realized their contributions (builds and donations) are unappreciated and are going to waste. Several of the BHS staff (moderators and admins) resigned from their positions as they felt they were not being respected for their work. Also, the childish behaviour of healthyuncle, in banning an admin for removing her own city and the creations within it in preparation for her resignation.
  • Present status: All websites (, and and the wiki are down. The server has been claimed to be still online, but all websites are down at the time of writing.

  • Initiated by: armed_troop
  • Other participants: Lord_Nightmare
  • Origin: Grew out of the failed attempt.
  • Duplicate buildings: A downloader program was used to collect portions of the MCO map without permission. armed_troop claims that "others made suggestions that buildings should be duplicated, and some were downloaded," although it is known that he himself took part in that effort. Additionally, it is claimed that none of these duplicated areas and structures are currently being used on the server. The participants in this server have also claimed "nor were any ever put on a server"[dubious].
  • Present status: original hostname abandoned, plans to clone MCO also abandoned due to technical problems with certain plugins. Additionally, armed_troop cited "lack of originality in copied things" [dubious] while other sources have claimed that guilt over copying content played a part. Ditched Original Map and gave up, still has same donation level system copy.
Website screenshot of showing screenshotted inclusion from minecraftonline's donation system, as well as duplicated donation levels
Website screenshot of on 8/15/2012

  • Initiated by: Blobehh
  • Other participants: SlaggyP BluXDragon
  • Duplicate features: Duplicate website content, composed of actual screenshots of (yeah really), IRC bot, duplicate donation system with identical rank names (their 'donate' page consisted of a screenshot of MCO's donation page). Tagline "true survival". Purple "was hit with the banhammer" message.
  • Duplicate buildings: Visitor centre, statue with sword at spawn, spawn cactus and reed.
  • Aggressive acts: SlaggyP was banned for repeated bullying after being warned. After a DMCA takedown request was filed requesting the duplicate website be taken down, the site was replaced by a page attempting to defame MinecraftOnline.
  • Present status: The front page reverted to "Udender construction!" (sic) page as placeholder, before appearing again reworded and minus the donation page screenshot. Some time later their website front page was turned into a page of text attempting to defame MCO. Now the website returns "Not found", presumably removed by due to a breach of the AUP.

  • Initiated by: JRP2234 Joel Prowd [1]
  • Duplicate features: planned identical donation system, somehow got LionShop and tried to take people from MCO to play there.
  • Duplicate buildings: half built a copy of Diamondmall
  • Fails: Reportedly after JRP made the server public and un-whitelisted it, it transpired that his computer could not handle 10 people online at the same time. The server's map was greifed so fast that there were apparently no spawn buildings left.
  • Present status: Abandoned

The server never really got off the ground. An intense amount of worldedit by the individuals he gave admin powers to lagged the server until it crashed many times over.

15 June 2013 update: JRP2234 Joel contacted a moderator demanding his player name be removed from this webpage. While MCO is under no obligation whatsoever, we chose kindly to comply with his request. Instead we have replaced it with his real name.

20 June 2013 update: After the link to Joel Prowd's facebook failed, CHCMATT kindly provided a functioning one.

Website screenshot of on 15 Feb 2013

Also known as "metallicus".

  • Initiated by Sitherus
  • Duplicate features: duplicate copy-pasted website (see screenshot on the right), identical rules, identical moderation policy.
  • Fails: The website stated on the page (the misspelt does not in fact belong to Sitherus. All the technical claims on the page, aside from being highly unlikely, are stated inconsistently in every different description of the server.
  • Aggressive acts: Sitherus was observed posting MinecraftOnline's IP address in the comments of various grief videos, inviting griefers to join, and asking for help to try to get admin permissions. (see screenshot below).
  • Present status: Unknown - the server is not currently public, and the sithportal site reports a community of 0 members.

Very subtle Minecraft server list entry
Clone server configuration

Also known as "Videogame57Plexus" or "Plexus"

  • Initiated by videogame57
  • Other participants: 44trent4, EpicWN1337
  • Duplicate buildings: On their main server, the Spawn Cactus ( 44trent4 made it) (but not the Spawn Reed), intent of copying other buildings in various parts of the map. They also had a whole map which contained downloaded copies of Spawn, CatVille, and many others.
  • Fails: Leaving undeniable evidence of video's x-raying, including hosting a server for his staff members to see; making a hilarious joke in IRC regarding how he at least hasn't cloned MinecraftOnline, which, after being presented undeniable evidence of his x-raying using his downloaded world, led to his ban.
  • Aggressive acts:
    • Using World Downloader to x-ray under videogame57's base in EpicVille and copy builds from many parts of the map.
    • Attempting to vandalise this wiki and remove images and factual info on this page (see "edit wars" below).
    • Accusing staff of MinecraftOnline of DDoS attacks and "hacking" his server, as well as claiming information is being suppressed on this wiki (see Revision 17117 and the rest of the edit history).
  • Present status: Conflicting points of view presented as evidence at time of writing:
    • Staff of plexus beginning to leave his server as they do not want to be tied to his World Downloading and ban, server supposedly offline [according to original edit to this wiki by MeltedPurple]
    • One staff member has left, another has been removed, clone server dormant, legit server online. [according to subsequent edit during edit war by videogame57]
    • As of August 2018, the server is presently abandoned.

Edit wars

It is worth noting that this very wiki page has been involved in multiple edit wars initiated by armed_troop, Blobehh, videogame57, 44trent4 in which said parties have not only added their own perspective, but repeatedly attempted to remove salient and truthful information added by others. The administrators of this wiki have attempted to find the middle ground wherever possible, and attribute point-of-view specific statements to their originators where resolution is impossible.

For further detail of edit wars and to see original edit attributions, please browse the edit history for this page.

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