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Building Nether Highway System

Central Part of the NHS.

Owner xFiron, Bob_Oats
Contributors deathmog91, SupphaSen010, Alpha_Sentary, LewisD95
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes.
Started 1 March 2017
Completed Under construction
Size north to south 4572 Blocksm
Size west to east 3347 Blocksm
Height 3m
Coordinates X=0
Dimension Nether
Nearest warp Spawn
Map link

Hello! Please note that this wiki is under a lot of edit, an so is the project itself. - 9/4/17

The Nether Highway System (NHS) is a project started by xFiron, on the first of March, 2017. A similar project was begun by Bob_Oats between the 24th of January to the 20th of February; however it was abandoned due to server lag and continued burning up in lava.

The purpose of the NHS is to make travelling from Spawn to the World Border extremely fast. The nether highway system links builds (overworld or nether) to each other by branches in the highway. If you wish to link your own work to it simply make a branch.

The NHS is located at 0, 120, 0. The quickest way to access it is to use the dedicated portal at spawn which leads straight to it. If you use the public spawn nether portal which is located further away (at -177 +733 Overworld), you will find a path leading to it.

Currently there are four Highways, on all four axises (North -Z, East X+, South Z+, and West -X). They all go to the World Border in the Nether, and at the end of each one, have a Nether Portal. The longest Highway is the Southern Highway, which goes for 2552 Blocks to the World Border. This makes travelling to the World Border extremely fast, instead of travelling 20,000 Blocks.

If you want to branch off your own Highway/Path to your Nether build, go ahead. If you want to create a portal at the side of the Highway, go ahead. That's what it's designed for.

There is also a [lift] to the Nether Roof at the very centre of the NHS.

Currently we are still designing the Highways; at the Centre of the NHS (which is about 30x30 Blocks) it is mainly stone. That part is done for the time being. The rest of the Highways are just tunnels (some are 2x2, though we planning to make it 3x4 for all except the south one). The Southern Highway has Packed Ice for 100% of the way, allowing one to travel at 15 blocks a second (nether) and 140 blocks a second (overworld). If you have any Packed Ice to give/sell, we'd love to have some. Also, if you have any suggestions for designing the Highways (or perhaps even supplying it), we'd love to hear.


Branching off your own Highways:

As mentioned before, you can "branch off" your own highways, from the NHS, to your builds/portals, whatever. Highway branch offs are built by other players, by their will. This means, unless if you have permission, you cannot modify it, or branch off it. These rules goes for the four main Highways (NHS) yet the only difference is that everyone has permission to branch off from it. If you want to modify it by design, or change the length/width/height, you have to contact the owner, and in this case, for the four main highways, the NHS, me.

Just TO BE CLEAR, the NHS is only the Four main Highways: The North, East, South, and Western Highway. Yes, technically the branch offs are a part of the system, but this is merely to explain that those branch offs are private, and without permission from the owner, to modify in any other way, nor to branch off the Branch Off itself is illegal, and is considered grief.

Places/Builds already linked to the NHS:

  • Mount Jackel - 0 120+ 412+ - (Northern Highway, Z+).
  • New Louisville - 0 120+ 2138+ - (Southern Highway, -Z).
  • Bowbyslag's Southern Central Train Station - (Southern Highway, -Z).
  • Deathmog91's Villager Trade Centre - -1700 0 120+ (Western Highway, -X).
  • Obernai - -1200 120+ 0 - (Western Highway, -X).

World Border Portals

Portals at the end of each Highway (Or length of each Highway):

North Border Portal: 0 120+ 2020.

East Border Portal: 1447+ 120+ 0.

South Border Portal: -2552 120+ 0.

West Border Portal: -1900 120 0.

Players who Contributed:

  • Bob_Oats - Who helped build the Southern and Western Highway.
  • deathmog91 - Who help build the Southern and Western Highway.
  • SupphaSen010 - Who made the [lift].
  • Alpha_Sentary - Who supplied most of the stone for the central part of the NHS.
  • LewisD95 - Who helped build the Portals at the end of each Highway.
  • AggrievedCanine - Who helped build the Portals at the end of each Highway.

If you would like to contact me about the NHS, do /mail xFiron <message>, and I'll get back to you.

Hey! What texture pack is that in the picture? It is actually 2 texture packs: Affinity HD 256x256 for Minecraft 1.9-1.10, and Real Nature 128x128 for Minecraft 1.9-1.10.

Edit: I will come back to this wiki, to edit it.

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