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nexus_cities.png Milva
Founder DropperOfRivia
Contributors BaldObama, Geekers, eey
Category Cities
Underground? Not public
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 3000m
Size west to east 1200m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Not public
Coordinates X=3972
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Milva is a city based on Modena,Italy founded in the Fall of 2018 with various Italian-Romanic references. Milva is created by the one-man-army, DropperOfRivia, and BaldObama. Geekers and eey have also helped by donating generous amount of materials back in the days.

How to get here:

From Spawn, take the Nexus, then go to the Yellow South-East pad and after that, take the Third pad where "Milva" is visible on a sign, from there walk to the end of the warp hall and to your right you will find the Milva pad.

Notes from DropperOfRivia

I strive to leave behind a legacy. Milva is my masterpiece. After countless years of attempting to build something so inspirational, I am glad to have found my home here on Freedonia. With the security of Freedonia's seemingly everlasting existence, I am certain Milva will be a city to remember. Thank you so much, Freedonia, for allowing me to express myself here.

Visit the Community Hub by following the beacon in the sky, then feel free to sign your visit.

Known Neighbours: BaldObama (Kingdom of Casanuvola, capital city:Tassonia and Pixel Italy estate.) genericbuilder (Sand City) Geekers eey 1Catnip (Catini Catra) Imperial_Crise (Crown's Landing) 2turbo Gamy07 Vecxin Wolf_War (New Mesopotamia)

Buildings directly associeted within Milva's territory:

Case del PIPOZZ

Chapel of Sborradio

Bangla Shop - Largo Sant' Eufemia

Duome of Milva and Ghirlandina Tower

Milva Art Gallery

Milva's City Hall


Radiant Lagoon

Milva's Uptade frontier


Borders (November 2020 update)


Red Borders: DropperOfRivia (Milva's territories)

Yellow Borders: Baldobama (Kingdom of Casanuvola, capital city:Tassonia)

Dark blue Borders: Geekers' territories

Green Borders: Wolf_War (New Mesopotamia's territories)

Light Blue Borders 1Catnip (Catini Catra's territories)

Road System (November 2020 update)

File:Roads december 2020.png

Chunk of the world under Milva and Tassonia's iron fist and lust of land:


Bonus Features

Milva is a "Skyway-free Land" since DropperOfRivia hates them and will never agree to see something up in the sky.

Milva was the first city to born in the South-East Corner area since prior to Dropper's arrive this land was never before touched by major player activity.

Milva's city terrain had extreme works of terraforming and de-desertification since it was a land of high sand dunes and mountains.

Milva after the 12.2.2 update will be populated by armor stands with heads and colored clothes to mimic real players standing behind most house windows.

Official site of the Tassonia-Milva-Milvopoli-Hamburger Island-Swag Mountain holy Pilgrimage

--DropperOfRivia 01:51, 26 May 2020 (UTC)

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