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nexus_cities.png New Kanal Town
Founder SnapJaw
Contributors List is too big to put on here
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes, path from Blue 2 Nexus
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes, dock at the Blue 2 Nexus
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-9205
Dimension Overworld
Map link



Kanal Town is a town founded by SnapJaw in 2016, though it was never declared a town until 2017. It was abandoned in 2018, and later, in 2020, it was revamped and received a nexus. The town has seen a lot of controversy over the past few years involving grief and ban evasion.

Points of Interest


The New Beginnings Arc

It all started when Snapjaw (then called Grumpymosasaur) performed the /wilderness command in 2016 and landed on a hill in the west of Freedonia. From there, she made a small cabin. Komododragon108 found this cabin and Snapjaw's new project, a giant overhead canal heading to a small lake nearby. This friendship eventually became the beginning of Kanal Town. The progress of building up thd town was slow, even after PsychicWinter joined the town in June 2016. It became inactive for a while, until early 2017 when all the original members returned to rebuild the town. This was when it got the name "Canal Town," but due to a error by PsychicWinter it got the name we all know and love, "Kanal Town."

Left: First wiki screenshot of Kanal Town (2017

The Dicedtomato Arc Dicedtomato joined Kanal Town in late 2017 to become its fourth member. This inspired Snapjaw (who at this point had changed her name to 'Dernal') to invite a friend from factions, SleeplessTheCat.

Kanal Town was quiet and happy, until one day Dicedtomato got the permissions mixed up and griefed a large portion of the town by accident. This nearly resulted in his ban had it not been for Snapjaw defending him. This lead to Snapjaw's 'always be kind' policy. Also around this time the FPKA Headquarters was ruined by a unknown griefer

The Mount Dernal Arc

Mount Dern was once just an ambitious goal at first, then only a foundation abandoned by Snapjaw. She revisited the site in 2017 and began work on it again. However, work seemed impossible due to a cobblestone shortage, but thankfully mk59apr and Slime_Tiger came and supplied some cobble so it would be completed on time.

Mount Dern was the tallest mountain on the server when it was built and since its sister mountain, Mount Mosasaur was left incomplete, it still is. Mount Dern was supposed to be Snapjaw's final logout point but this was not possible due to her ban in November 2018 for grief.

Alongside Mount Dern, there were 3 other mountains: Mount Komodo, Mount Winter, and Mount Sleepless. The townsfolk began making a visitor center for the park, but the project was cut due to the new visitor center and pixel art gallery. (All the pixel art was griefed, although several pieces were returned and put into storage in 2018)

The Hatoshi Arc

One day, SnapJaw was strolling through Kanal Town and a user by the name of Hatoshi asked to come to Kanal. She accepted and waited for him at the front gate, but out of the blue, Hatoshi attacked her. He would have succeeded if not for Paladin_Heiharchi teleporting her to his location in the nether. Hatoshi destroyed the farms and left. This prompted SnapJaw to call upon Paladin_hieharchi, Senbozakura_, and DoggoSwimmer19 for help, who then supplied the glass to make the greenhouse. Hatosh} returned and griefed the greenhouse, leading to his ban and the end of this chapter in Kanal Town's history. At the time it was considered Kanal Town's worst grief, but it was nothing compared to what was to come. fmxstick informing Snapjaw about Hatoshi's ban

The New Kanal Town Arc

After Hatoshi was banned, Snapjaw (her name changed to its current iteration), went over and soon began making a dock, somthing to put on the riverside so boat travel to the townwould be possible. The spruce dock was completed on September 29th, 2018 and marked the first phase in Kanal Town's restoration. Gmdk found the town and asked to join, becoming the 5th new member to join in two weeks. The town's growth was beginning to accelerate, causing some panic among the town staff. Dicedtomato began to make the Oak Dock to serve as a tourism area for Kanal Town. Soon the town had a small slowing of growth allowing SnapJaw to stop working on the new part of town and begin restoring the old part of Kanal Town

The Serrano07 and Worst Grief Arc

A strange user came to Kanal Town by himself one day, whose name was Serrano07. He came and killed all 4 residents who were working on the newly made Birch Dock on the east side of the town. He claimed their heads and gear and left. SnapJaw was alerted to this matter quickly and she immediately set up defences in the town. Later that week, he came back but quickly fled, since SnapJaw had superior gear to him at the time.

A few days passed, and Serrano ambushed Snapjaw while she was working on Mount Mosasaur. She fell in, dropping her into the hollow frame. Not willing to follow, Serrano let Snapjaw reclaim her head and gear. She then began to build catacombs underneath the town to avoid death by travelling, since he now was making regular visits to kill.

How the grief started

Dernal talking to speedPocok about moving her home

On September 27 2018, New Kanal Town and Old Kanal Town got a visitor and a new resident, users Serrano07 and speedPocok5, respectively. DicedTomato let speedPocok5 join New Kanal Town. Serrano07 immediately went over to kill town members. SnapJaw told him to leave town and he left. speedPocok built a house, however, she was unaware of the towns permission system. This caused SnapJaw to forcefully evict her and claim her property. She then claimed the land and made it so that only herself, SleeplessTheCat and DicedTomato could build there. speedPocok went over and decided to attack SnapJaw, angering her and prompting her to kill speedPocok.

Paladin_Heihachi's Spawn Incursion

Serrano killing Snapjaw in a ghast war at spawn SnapJaw went to participate in Paladin_Heihachi's spawn incursion, where he swarmed Spawn with hostile mobs. While Snapjaw was fighting 4 giants, speedPocok5 and Serrano07 came and killed SnapJaw. This marked the end of the spawn incursion since the players lost due to SnapJaw's death and importance to the event at that moment. Meanwhile, speedPocok and Serrano were making plans to get back at SnapJaw. Something horrible was about to take place when SnapJaw went afk for a few hours and stopped defending town.

The Grief Happens

Snapjaw seeing the grief after being AFK speedPocok5 and Serrano07 come to New Kanal Town, both with the same intentions: Chaos. Serrano07 killed DicedTomato to buy speedPocok5 some time, who went over and destroyed the whole downtown without saying a thing in chat. This left DicedTomato clueless to the destruction. Serrano07 then took the chest items to his base, doing his part, and eventually abandoned the scene of the grief to avoid being banned. DicedTomato made his way back to New Kanal Town only to be killed by Serrano07. Anna_28 arrived at an unknown time and confronted speedPocok5 about the grief.


15:53:14 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> hey speed, what's happening with this town?

15:53:32 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> please use public chat, not /msg 

15:53:39 bcc [CHAT] RedFueled has just earned the achievement [Hot Topic]

15:53:46 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> because I'm talking to you like this 

15:53:55 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> i hate snapjaw 

15:54:01 bcc [CHAT] <Mr_Bananies> omgui an admin???? 

15:54:01 bcc [CHAT] Tip: Don't let people talk you into /warp sauna 

15:54:01 bcc [CHAT] Tip:'s not as nice as it sounds! 

15:54:05 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> so you're griefing this town? 

15:54:15 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> snapjaw evacuated me 

15:54:15 bcc [CHAT] <*****treepuncher755> Anna is a graphical user interface? 

15:54:26 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> but still, you're griefing it? 

15:54:27 bcc [CHAT] <[Ded]Paladin_Heihachi> oh rip 

15:54:30 bcc [CHAT] <FredrikFehrm> Speed.. ugh.. It was nice knowing you atleast! 

15:54:33 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> no 

15:54:38 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> im decoring it 

15:54:39 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> then what are you doing? 

15:55:11 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> do u want some bread? 

15:55:27 bcc [CHAT] <*****Anna_28> any reason I shouldn't ban you for grief? 

15:55:33 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> because 

15:55:35 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> snap 

15:55:40 bcc [CHAT] [DSC] <eh> rip m8t 

15:55:55 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> snap has mistrated me 

15:55:56 bcc [CHAT] [DSC] <eh> :banhammer:

15:56:02 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> mistreated 

15:56:10 bcc [CHAT] <speedPocok5> u know 

15:56:13 bcc [CHAT] speedPocok5 was hit by the banhammer! (27416 bans) 

15:56:14 bcc [CHAT] speedPocok5 left the game


In total, the repairs on Kanal took 2 days to finish. Serrano07 visited New Kanal Town many more times, claiming many of Snapjaw's heads. These events left a deep impression of the towns residents.

(Please note that most of the grief is already repaired in these images)

The Two Samurai SnapJaw was getting tired of Serrano07 so she devised a trap with Witchy1000. A prop building was made with an open roof, which could be used to rain harming potions down on Serrano. SnapJaw lured him inside and the plan commenced, only to fail. This lead Witchy1000 to belive Serrano was using cheats or hacked items, dropping him from a high place to tesr his fall damage. Snapjaw believed him to be an alt of the griefer api448. Although this theory later turned out to be true, after a fight with the second "Samurai," Slime_Tiger, he called SnapJaw crazy until the day of Serrano07's ban. However, this lead to an alliance being formed between Birdcity and Kanal Town allowing for mutual trade and defense.

The Great Decay

On October 12th, 2018, Kanal Town had 3 members leave. On October 18th, 2018, SnapJaw closed Kanal Town's gates one last time, ending the towns history for the time beimg and leaving it to rot. A few explorers and looters have come to steal items but KanalKanal is now divided into the old part and the new, the new part being the habitual area, while the old is a dilapidated slum with a 3x1 wall around it. Although other users had perms, none did anything with the town. Snapjaw was banned for griefing NekoFlen's house on October 28th, 2018, leaving the towns future uncertain.

New Leaders Arc

On December 10th, 2018, SnapJaw's initial ban appeal was rejected,so she decided to leave and start work on her own server "Ottowa". NotSleepless and ScarClaw72 were given ownership of the town.

The Unbanning and new Nexus Arc

On May 18th, 2020, Snapjaw was unbanned after a second appeal and vouching from NevadaDream. She quickly went over to Kanal Town and started revitalizing the old town. SnapJaw also joined Snakymans empire for some support while the town began its revitalization. Multiple new people joined and soon the town was fully revitalized, everything started working again and {[User|SnapJaw}} began trying too get a nexus again. stromhurst said yes about making Kanal a nexus, later that day, jimmyd93 got the town hooked up to the nexus system. A little later, on May 23rd, 2020, the residents of Kanal Town voted on leaving snakymans empire, making Kanal Town independent. SleeplessTheCat and DDOZZI began to work on a iron farm for Kanal Town to make it 100% self sufficient. SnapJaw decided to take a break for her own mental health, leaving kilosaurus and SleeplessTheCat in charge for a bit

Town and Staff

List of Kanal Town Staff

List Of Kanal Town Members

People who are banned from Kanal

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