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Organisations The Helping Hand

Keeping Freedonia Happy

Leadership ScarClaw72
Headquarters Unknown
Founded 10 July 2017
Public? Yes



Our story
Nearly a year after the collapse of Fakestaff, ScarClaw72 wanted to revive it, or rather create a spiritual successor. Under the new name The Helping Hand, he wanted to avoid the drama and tarnished name of Fakestaff by distancing the two. Much more loose and more open ended. The Helping Hand is simply a collective of people who pledge to help out the members of Freedonia.

The Pledge

I as a member of The Helping Hand I Pledge to...
1) Be kind to all Freedonians,
2) /greport any discovered griefs,
3) Answer any questions of new players,
4) Offer food to newcomers or show them to the public farms and cake,
5) Help keep the reputation of Minecraft Online positive.

If you wish to officially accept this pledge please contact ScarClaw72

The Modding of Scar ScarClaw72 received a promotion to mod on July 14th, 2017. Although now officially on board the actual staff, ScarClaw72 wants to continue leading normal players together to help keep Freedonians safe and make our home a better place.

Helping Hand HQ

The Helping Hand HQ is located in Project MOON and is the primary meeting place and lounge for Helping Hand members.


Owner: ScarClaw72

Members: Bowbyslag sicroto SANCTUM_303 Slime_tiger NHC_THK iBowl125 BenjaminBsuper IvanLeshev ThatLimitBreaker

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