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A user page is a page about a wiki user; in this case someone who has registered with MinecraftOnline.

If you have registered, you can create your own user page. Your user page is linked in the top right. More importantly, others will see links to your user page from various places which assist wiki collaboration. This includes the “Recent changes” and “page history” displays. You can also link to your user page within text of a wiki page, which is incredibly useful for showing what you have created in Freedonia!

What to put on your user page

Userpages act as profile pages instead of seperately created wiki pages. Use it to describe yourself or others! You might like to include information about yourself, what interests you and even which projects you have been involved in on the server.


Add an info box to the page by copying and pasting this blank info box and then filling it in with the relevant information.

{{Infobox user
|minecraftname    = 
|preferredname    = 
|skinexplain      = 
|gender           = 
|location         = 
|nationality      = 
|birthdayday      = 
|birthdaymonth    = 
|birthdayyear     = 
|occupation       = 
|firstjoindate    = 
|firstbuilding    = 
|moderator        = 
|admin            = 
|donorlevel       = 
|kitlevel         = 
|legacydonorlevel = 

User talk pages

Every user page has an associated talk page; a "user talk page". This is a special kind of talk page, for leaving messages directed at a particular user.

Link to a user page

To create a link to a user page use the syntax: