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Welcome to the MinecraftOnline wiki! This page will guide you through the process of creating and editing pages on the wiki.

We will use a building page as an example, but the same applies for other types of page as well.

Don't forget to always preview your page before saving. That way you can catch any mistakes and make sure your page is perfect before saving it!

To edit a page that already exists, follow this guide.

Creating a Building Page

This will guide you through how to make a page for a building (which this wiki considers to be all projects and creations made in Freedonia that do not make up settlements)

Making a Page

There are a few ways to create a page on this wiki. These can be seen in depth here, but the two core ways are to:

  1. Search for the page name in the search bar on the left and then 'create this page' if it doesn't already exist
  2. Click on a pre-existing page link (which should appear in red if it doesn't exist as a page already)

Both of these will take you to a fresh blank page ready for editing. You can check the page name is the right one by looking at the title. Please try to use correct capitalisation.

Editing a New Page

First thing you will want to do is add the building template to the page. To do this press this button in your toolbar:


(The other coloured buttons will do the same, but for the corresponding type of page - ie. settlements/warps/games/organisations)

Or instead copy and paste an infobox from one of the following templates:

You should have a page that now looks something like this:


You should fill in all the details next to the equal signs (=)
It should look something like this:

{{Infobox building
|title        = Awesome Castle
|image        = Image.png
|caption      = View from the front
|owner        = {{User|Jim}}
|contributors = {{User|Bob}}, {{User|Mike}}
|category     = Castle
|underground  = No
|public       = Yes
|startdate    = 21 November 2010
|completedate = 17 January 2011
|n-s_size     = 40
|w-e_size     = 40
|height       = 20
|xcoord       = -1204
|ycoord       = 62
|zcoord       = 3028
|nearestwarp  = AmpCity

After that you can type away about your creation! This text will appear to the left and underneath the infobox we just put in.

To format the text further, you might want to see the Help:Formatting page for a list of many of the ways you can change the look of the text and images.

A quick list of important ones you should definitely use:

  • To make a link to another page (whether it exists yet or not) surround the word in double square brackets like this:
  • To make a link to another player follow this format:
  • To make a heading, surround the heading text in two or three equal signs like this:

Adding Images

As you may have already noticed, the infobox template asks for an image. To insert one in here we must first upload the image file to the wiki. A comprehensive guide to doing this can be found here.

Basically, click on the 'Upload File' link under 'Toolbox' in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. From there browse or enter the URL of the file and upload it.

You should now have an image filename - something like: File:fileexample.jpg or Image:imageexample.png

For the template, you insert this name directly after the equal sign (=) next to image as in the sample above.

To insert images in the main body of text

The simplest ways are:


or for multiple images displayed in a neat gallery:


For further formatting options (including captions and sizes) see here.

Saving the Page

Summarize your changes

Write a short edit summary in the small field below the edit-box. You may use shorthand to describe your changes if you want

Preview before Saving

When you have finished, click Show Preview to see how your changes will look before you make them permanent. Repeat the edit/preview process until you are satisfied, then click Save Article and your changes will be immediately applied to the article.