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Welcome to the MinecraftOnline Wiki! This wiki is a repository for all sorts of information about - a Minecraft survival multiplayer server - running the world Freedonia.

Below are links and pages that will help you understand the world of Freedonia, including its history and culture.


New to the server? Read our comprehensive beginner's guide!

Browse this wiki using the navigation links on the left, the search tool, or the major categories below:

  • Know the Rules Rules - Learn the principles and the three main rules of the server: Do not Grief, Do not Cheat, Do not Spam.
  • Learn about Server features Server features - MinecraftOnline is a server with a rich history and many custom-made innovations that improve the lives of its players.
  • Check the How-to Howto - Know what's what in Freedonia! There are many guides available on a variety of subjects.
  • Learn about Buildings Buildings - Building is one of the cores of Minecraft, and it's been going on since 2010.
  • Learn about Settlements Settlements - Settlements are places where people come together and create, ever since the inception of the world.
  • See the Warps Warps - This classic feature gets you to some of Freedonia’s most important structures.
  • Learn about Nexus Portals Nexus Portals - Our server also feature other means of fast transportation - Nexus.
  • Learn about Games Games - Play a game in a game. Players have produced numerous extra ways to have fun in the server.
  • Learn about Organisations Organisations - Some causes are greater than one person. That's how organizations are formed.
  • See who are the Admins Admins - The server owner trust these red-named players to organise the server and their staff.
  • See who are the Moderators Moderators - These blue-named players help enforce the rules and protect the history.

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Getting Started

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