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DrumCity, one of the best known cities in Freedonia.
Maze based on the maze in the Shining, one of the most recognisable features in Freedonia.
Clubhouse is one of Freedonia's longest-standing megaprojects.
Newport was built in a newer part of the map.

Freedonia is the name of the world hosted on the server.

What makes it special

This world has multiple distinguishing characteristics which mark it out from the majority of online worlds:

  • Freedonia was created within an hour of Notch releasing the Minecraft survival multiplayer server for public use, and has persisted since. It is thus believed to be one of the oldest online public survival worlds of any Minecraft server.
  • Freedonia is large -- and has finally gone full circle! The map has a radius of 21 km (21,000 in-game blocks), spanning 42 km total -- and, for the Overworld dimensions alone, occupies 26 GB of space, at the time of updation (October 2021).
    • The Nether and End, combined, are also gigabytes in size.
  • Freedonia has almost 270,000 unique players as of June 2022.
  • We have nearly 100 staff members working on the server specific plugins that provide all of the special features, and to enforce the rules in general, but specifically to prevent griefing.

Information about Freedonia


New arrivals would start at the Rules Hall where the rules are listed at. Then they are introduced to the world at the Spawn area in the middle of the map.

The Freedonia Visitor Centre is the first thing you see and is the primary meeting point for the world.

Enter the Visitor Centre and go up to the Nexus, rules and Tour portal pads


Browsing the map is an excellent way to get to know Freedonia. - many megaprojects are clearly visible due to their scale, and it is possible to get a good understanding of the overall geographical layout and travel possibilities by studying it. Use the "/map" command ingame to get a link. You can then use it in a browser to see what is close to your location.

This wiki

This wiki is a repository for information about notable buildings, settlements, and organisations in Freedonia.

All players are invited to add to the wiki by creating pages about their own constructions, organizations, and anything else of interest on the server.


For a comprehensive history of major events in Freedonia, see the Timeline page, or for other smaller events, see the Community Timeline page.

Traveling in Freedonia

These are the ways that players can travel around the world of Freedonia.


The first road in Freedonia was built to connect Spawn to the first settlement away from the centre. Since that time many roads, large and small, have been constructed to help players move safely and swiftly around the server's map. Many of the server's roads are part of the floating FRS rail lines, and other organisations (namely the FRC) and players have road systems.

The difference in scale between the Overworld and the Nether has been exploited by the Nether Highway System to speed travel between locations.


Central Nexus of Project Anubis.

Nexus Portals have been established all across Freedonia and are the standard for all fast-travel needs. To find one at or near your destination have a look at the list of portal sites, or use /nearestnexus [location].


Warps are shown on the map as orange markers, and can be listed in-game with the /listwarps command. Each warp destination is a famous place worth seeing as part of getting to know Freedonia and there is list of them on this wiki.

You can use the /warp <destination's name> command to teleport to your destination.

Although they were once the main means of fast travel, Freedonia's ever-increasing size, and the superiority of the Nexus system have made warps obsolete outside of tourism.

Railway System

FRS Grand Freedonia Railway Station

The Freedonia Railway System has service across large areas of the map. Several server attractions and settlements have direct rail service from spawn.

Boat Routes

Sunrise at the port town Port Dhal.

A growing number of destinations are also accessible from the water. Following the marked Boat Routes is a great way to get to know the world and a good starting point for your own exploration. Bring some boats and sail away on your journey!

The Nether

The Nether that may or may not be real.

Nether Portals are placed in strategically selected settlements around the map to connect cities via The Nether. Access to the Nether Highway System is available using the portal next to the Visitor Centre in the Overworld.


  • Freedonia was generated by once-admin runechan, who was the first to enter it, and gave the created world her seal of approval.
  • Because the world was generated shortly after the release of SMP and large areas were explored in the early days, there are some things missing in the older parts of the map. For example, there are no natural lapis lazuli ores, villages, witch huts, or emeralds near any of the older warps, because they were not yet implemented at the time of creation. (There is a village at spawn but that was created by a player)
  • Due to the popularity of Freedonia, MinecraftOnline has inspired several Clone Servers throughout its history.


Timelapse of map changes near Spawn.

See Also

  • ScarClaw72's video showcasing old versions of Freedonia's map and many changes and remnants from those days.