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Known as fire or dragon what ever u want
Gender Man
Location multiverse
Nationality mexican (one of the countries that has the power of ร‘)
Occupation i dunno
In Freedonia
First joined December 3, 2021
Donor level ***** Aether
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The "F I R E D R A G O N" lore explained by myself (or the explanation of why i am not a literal dragon)

ok first of all the name origin:

i created this name when i got literally impressed of fire dragons' wallpapers or images i thought they looked cool and majestic and welp that was one of the reasons but another one is because i wanted to make a world... and not a minecraft one. I made my own "me" character what u see in game is my own "me" version and the name first of all IS NOT CUZ I AM A FURRY i will explain also the name meaning and why it appears on every game i play.

The Name True Meaning:

when i meant the "world" is that i mean that i created an entire world in my head let's put an example of "fortniteland" that was the imaginary statemen of hyperrblue. trying to explain my entire world thing in my head is complicated cuz let's say... I FUCKIN CREATED A MULTIVERSE INSIDE OF MY HEAD... anyway... so yeah i think u already understand what i mean about this but if u haven't then imma explain it, in the world i created i made my own "me" version... like... in minecraft, i will explain more of this actual powers that i have in this type of world i have now and yes is also the meaning, if u have seen my skin u probably noticed that my skin has fire in the jacket, pants, etc and if u are wondering what is the thing i have on the mouth or in my hair are like a head bandana and the one on the mouth is the "combat mouth piece" like the one that Jetstream Sam has in metal gear rising revengeance, so yes my favorite element is fire so i also liked dragons and with that in mind i made my name and me actually having fire powers in my world and i must specify that yeah... the fire that i have in this world is not a normal one that's why i am going to explain the-

Powers and the multiverses:

the powers i have i made them be so powerful that the fire has some skills that aren't just fire balls and that so imma say some: the power of travelling dimensions or universes and with this i explain the thing of all of this every game has "FIREDRAGON" on my profile (also one thing in the games happens the same with my "me" version thing so in some games i choose an skin that looks like mine or modify one to look like me, obviously every time that the character can be customizable(and another thing is that when i play for example games that have a character not customizable for example apex the "me version" thing doesn't exist in those because i cant appear because the game has their own characters so when i play like that is just like i am playing with the character not being the character)) because the games are like other universes. for example: in minecraft i enter to the world and like every universe has his rules i can't literally just burn the entire world and break it all of it with an entire Fiery Apocalypse (and i cant use all of my powers because of that) but welp remember that i created a multiverse? is because for example if i play a game like Undertale and i get the ending and then i stop playing it or something like that i put the characters on my multiverse to make them have an story and just an story without an actual end for example i make the game ending just not end there i make a post-ending type of universe where the characters can live with peace with me sometimes in my multiverse changing the endings to go from a bad ending to go to a good ending one (and i can also bring a character from that game to where am i for example i want kirby i make a portal and then KIRBY appears but also i cant literally summon a kirby while in minecraft or other type of games) and how can i do this? remember... is my head and to make change the endings and stuff i put them in my multiverse just to not mess with the canonical universe: for example in end-game avengers ironman died so i interfere in the scene to change the end with me doing this the canon universe doesn't gets affected because the universe i changed the ending transforms into a different one from the canon one, so this explains the other power the reality breaking i won't talk a lot about this one but i will resume it, when in fights or things like that the player won't see something weird happening but in the character perspective is different for example someone will see me with a diamond armor with nothing strange but in the characterยดs Pov i am wearing an armor with flames on it with a different style of armor pieces with other designs and etc (another thing is that my me version has another style that is me wearing a golden armor with flames on it because sometimes in other games i like to represent myself as a powerful warrior or knight with a cool burning sword and stuff like that so in minecraft that explains that armor thing). this is due to the fact that every universe has its own rules and well just to say something the fire also represents 3 colors that represent the souls from Undertale they are bravery, justice and determination and that's what also the fire dragon name represents.

reality fading, fire spreading, determination, bravery, justice, the flaming warrior....

๐… ๐ˆ ๐‘ ๐„ ๐ƒ ๐‘ ๐€ ๐† ๐Ž ๐