Banhammer Island

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nexus_museums.png Banhammer Island
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The Grief Stops Here

Owner TheDarkrai85
Contributors Rufas, skybirdthing, bubba_basti, Acsidol
Category Museums
Underground? Partial
Public? Yes
Started 26 December 2012
Completed 11 March 2013
Size north to south 105m
Size west to east 110m
Height 30m
Coordinates X=8370
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

"I seem to be in a moderator/admin suckup shrine." - natzor77

The hammer-shaped Banhammer Island is a museum displaying models of the staff's banhammers. All models have been built by their respective wielders.


The island is situated in the eastern ocean, between the settlements of Mycelia and Novum Culta. It is best reached from either of these places by Boat: Follow the magenta/white buoys of the FlyingJellyfish Route to the clearly marked branch, and continue east along the white buous from there until you reach the pier.


The museum is divided into two sections: admins and moderators. Each side has exhibits on three floors.

The admin section is styled in red, with redstone blocks and red wool dominating. It contains the banhammers of all current and former admins of The hammers of former admins who no longer play on the server were recreated with painstaking attention to detail by others, but please be aware that, due to their abstract nature, they might not be 100% accurate.

The blue moderator section is dedicated to the banhammers of currently active moderators. Highlights include the mushroom banhammer of nodoka_miyazaki and the pink jewelled hammer of winx51.


Media ScarClaw72 featured this in his fifth episode of exploring Freedonia, as part of its first season.