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The Bank of Freedonia system was a server-side client in 2011-2013 years allowing players to store their diamond, gold and iron as code on the server which saved you if your house unfortunately got raided, griefed or looted. Now it is removed. Ender chests replaced its functionality. bastetfurry is the sole creator of the system and was continually improving the server with features like this.

How did you use the Bank?

It's easy to use; all you need to set up an account is 8 diamond in your inventory;

Create by typing '/bank create'.

You can deposit and withdraw like any other bank but only when you are in a post-office/bank.

To deposit your wealth have the currency in your inventor and type '/bank deposit account amount'(if you leave the 'amount' as blank all your wealth is deposited.

To withdraw type '/bank withdraw account amount', the bank gives out the highest currency 'diamonds' unless there is less than a diamond left in the account.

Account is the order number if you check your accounts with just '/bank'

To see all of your accounts type '/bank'.

What not to do as a Moderator/Admin

Moderators and Admins should closely check that they indeed typed /bank and not /ban. Results could be unpredictable, especially considering the name matching system.