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Mapmarker labicon.png Minecart Dispensing
ID Dispense
Self Triggered No
Clickable No
Input Yes
Output No
Rail Yes
Block Chest
Sign post icon.png Sign Format
Second line [Dispenser]
Third line Cart Type
Fourth line PUSH or blank
Craftbook Page

This feature is from the official CraftBook and the details can be found here CBX adds only a couple of things. An All mode, to dispense all types of minecarts (normal, storage, powered) Ability to dispense by powering the [Dispense] sign instead of the chest, using redstone. Dispenses normal minecarts from chest when chest (or sign) is powered and no option is set.


  • First Line (optional)
  • Second line (required)
    • [Dispenser]
  • Third line (optional)
    • Cart Type Option (If No option is set Default is to dispense ALL carts, in order in the chest)
  • Fourth line (optional)

Options (Cart Type Option)

  • ALL
    • (Dispenses all types of minecarts stored in the chest when chest (or sign) is powered.
  • NORMAL or CART (empty cart)
  • CHEST (storage cart)
  • TNT


Carts can ENTER the chest when a rail is placed next to the chest.

This setup should work for both a cart entering the chest, and for the chest despnsing a cart onto the sloped track. PICTURE IS OUTDATED AND NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.


  • This will dispense ALL carts onto the track behind the chest.
  • This will dispense ALL carts onto the track behind the chest.
  • This will dispense ONLY EMPTY carts behind the chest.
  • This will dispense ONLY STORAGE carts behind the chest.
  • This will dispense ONLY FURNACE carts behind the chest.

Sign Placement

Sign must be no more then 1 block below the chest facing the direction you wish it to dispense (see more below). Eg. Chest, block chest is sitting on, then the sign directly below that.

Rail choice

The IC will choose the closest rail on the same level as the chest and in the direction of the sign, up to 3 blocks away in either direction. For signs at a 45 degree angle this means rails at a 45 degree angle, and for signs at an angle between 0 and 45 degrees this means the first diagonally adjacent rail (which is also obtained with a 45 degree sign), as well as the rails adjacent to the rails in the diagonal direction.

This allows all but 8 positions to be reached in the 7x7 area around the chest, the exceptions being those blocks at relative position (+1, +3).

Cart placement

The cart is placed with Y position 1 block above the rail.

If the target rail has an east-west or north-south or orientation, the cart is placed in the middle of the lower X or Z end of the target rail respectively.

If the target rail is at an angle, the cart is placed in the middle of those two coordinates (at X and Z equal to 0.25 plus the block coordinates).