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Mapmarker labicon.png Minecart Launch
ID Launch
Self Triggered Yes
Clickable No
Input No
Output No
Rail Yes
Block Lime Wool Block
Sign post icon.png Sign Format
Second line [Launch]
Third line launch_setting
Fourth line hold_setting
Craftbook Page

A Minecart control block that launches, boosts or stops minecarts depending on the sign settings. By default, this boosts minecarts with riders and stops empty minecarts. It can be used to launch stopped minecarts when players enter the minecart. (


  • Second line (required)
    • [Launch]
  • Third line (optional)
    • Launch setting option (if the option is met, the cart will be launched)
  • Fourth line (optional)
    • Holding option (if the option isn't met, the cart will not be stopped)


  • All - Directs all carts
  • Unoccupied - Directs carts without entities inside (to include carts with hoppers, chests, furnaces, etc...)
  • Empty - Same as Unoccupied
  • Storage - Directs just Chest Minecarts
  • Powered - Directs just Powered Minecarts
  • Hopper - Directs just Hopper Minecarts
  • TNT - Directs just TNT Minecarts
  • Minecart - Directs just plain old minecart with or without riders
  • Occupied - Directs minecarts that have an entity rider
  • Full - Same as Occupied
  • Animal - Directs minecarts with an animal rider
  • Mob - Directs minecarts with a mob rider
  • Player - Directs minecarts with a player rider
  • #stationname - Directions minecarts that are set to stop at stationname with /st stationname
  • NoStop - function unknown
  • CTNS - Directs storage and hopper minecarts which are not empty
  • !CTNS - Directs storage and hopper minecarts which are empty

The following options use extra item information to sort carts. That information is id:quantity@damage where quantity and damage are optional.These options may also be inverted using ! after the option name and before the information (ie: Held:!1)

  • Held - Directs minecarts who's player is holding a given item, NONE can be used in place of item info
  • INV - Directs minecarts who's player have a given item in their inventory
  • SCI - Directs storage and hopper minecarts which have a given item in the first slot of their inventory
  • SCI+ - Same as SCI but checks entire inventory

The following options use extra information to launch, boost or hold carts. These options may also be inverted using ! at the start of the extra information (ie: Group:!admins)

  • Group:<groupname> - Directs carts with players of a specified group
  • Ply:<playername> - Directs carts with a player who's name matches (name must be short enough to fit on the same line)




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