DrumCity Gatehouse Hotel

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green_hospitality.png DrumCity Gatehouse Hotel
DrumCity Gatehouse Hotel.png

View from the left front.

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Nickcwly&16.png Nickcwly
Category Hospitality
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 2010
Completed 21st November 2010
Size north to south 18m
Size west to east 14m
Height 32m
Coordinates X=-247
Dimension Overworld
Settlement DrumCity
Map link

DrumCity Gatehouse Hotel is situated next to the main entrance of DrumCity. It is one of the oldest hotels in Freedonia as it was completed on the 21st November 2010. The hotel is owned by getplayerhead.sh?Nickcwly&16.png Nickcwly. It has 7 rooms for visitors, and also features a rooftop with a great view and a grand reception that takes up a whole floor. Under the hotel there is also a factory farm. Including the factory floor, the whole building is 5 floors high. The hotel is mainly constructed from wood, cobble and glass, with a woolen carpet in reception area.