Gold Farm Boat

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green_industrial.png Gold Farm
2023-09-03 02.14.24 1.png

A view from the front towards the gold farm.

Owner  EpicBaby
Category Industrial
Underground? no
Public? Unknown
Started 11 November 2021
Size north to south 71m
Size west to east 300m
Coordinates X=710
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The Gold Farm Boat is a large boat with a collection of public farms inside, the most notable of which is a gold farm.


This build is still a work in progress. However, some farms have already been built and are working. These include:

  • The gold farm (Currently running on 72 portals)
  • A cactus farm
  • An egg farm
  • A music disc farm
  • A sand farm
  • A spider farm

This list will expand as more farms are completed. Feel free to /msg EpicBaby if you have ideas for farms that you would like to see here!

All of these farms (including the gold farm!) are public, and you are welcome to use them and take anything from the output chests.

Planned Additions:

The following is a list of farms and builds that I plan to add to the project:

  • A creeper farm
  • An auto-crafting TNT farm
  • An item sorter
  • A residential area for players to have their own rooms on the boat