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/greport is a useful tool for reporting grief to admins when there aren't any online. Admins can check and repair the grief after the fact and then you are sent a mail when the status of the report is updated!

You can use the command by facing any block and typing /greport [info] in chat, where [info] is information about what is griefed, for example:

 /greport There was a glowstone block in this tree that was griefed

When greporting it is automatically checked if there's already another greport filed within a small range. Due to a bug with this system please always do /greportsnear before greporting to avoid duplicate greports.


  • Report "public", "location" or "my" (personal). Report what block has been griefed or generalization of the grief facing the griefed area within 5 blocks.
  • If you don't own or know how the build you are greporting looked before being griefed
    • Do not report it as it is often not grief and wasting precious admin time and potentially causing the owner grief.
    • e.g incomplete builds, simple mistakes, asymmetry , etc

Grief reporting in spawn

  • Within spawn walls the reporter should report any public structure that has been griefed including any known grief traps
    • Spawn houses are owner responsibility and only the owner should report their grief or it will be removed over the space of a year of being flagged for removal if that player does not meet spawn standards.

Server structures and public locations like warps

  • Any warps, public service roads and public buildings should be reported if griefed. All freedonian station lines if griefed should be reported unless within spawn walls where it should be 2 days of non-repair.

Grief repairs for Moderators

If a moderator has caught someone in the act of griefing and has dealt with the player; then they may report the grief of a structure if they lack time to repair or the damage is too substantial or overwhelming to repair.

Grief repair

  • Players may repair grief on their own structures, especially if it's for example a block over a chest, or wait for an admin to repair it.
  • To recover items inside chests that were griefed, contact an admin whenever there's one in-game.

Town (non warp) grief reports and Owning a city

  • If a player wishes to own their own town and have modification rights they need to have that player sign a book and give it to you for safekeeping stating what they agree to allow you to do with their builds if anything at all. This should be presented if questioned on authority.
  • Allowing a player to build on your land modified or not gives them ownership unless otherwise signed or stated in some form or another.
  • The grief in a town can be reported by residents or more preferable by the owner much like a warp unless the residents know of definite grief they may report it.


  • Give the exact location and type of the block(s) griefed
  • If you know who the griefer was, include it in the greport