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/greport is a useful tool for reporting grief to admins when there aren't any online. Admins can check and repair the grief after the fact and then you are sent a mail when the status of the report is updated!

You can use the command by facing any block and typing /greport [info] in chat, where [info] is information about what is griefed, for example:

 /greport There was a glowstone block in this tree that was griefed

When greporting, it is automatically checked if there's already another greport filed within a small range. Due to a bug with this system, please always do /greportsnear before greporting to avoid duplicate greports.


  • If you don't own or know how the build you are reporting looked before being griefed:
    • DO NOT report it. Such reports cause significant delays in the repair of true grief issues and can annoy the owner if it's not 'repaired' the way they would have wanted.
    • e.g incomplete builds, simple mistakes, asymmetry, etc.

Grief reporting in spawn

  • Within Spawn Walls, the reporter should report any public structure that has been griefed such as known grief traps.
    • Spawn houses are owner responsibility and only the owner should report their grief.
    • Builds that do not meet the Spawn Wall standards will be flagged and removed periodically.

Server structures and public locations like warps

  • Any warps, public service roads, and public buildings should be reported if griefed. All Freedonian station lines, if griefed, should be reported.

Grief repairs for Moderators

If a moderator has caught someone in the act of griefing and has dealt with the player; then they may report the grief of a structure if they lack time to repair or the damage is too substantial or overwhelming to repair.

Grief repair

  • Players may repair grief on their own structures, especially if it's, for example, a block over a chest, or wait for an admin to repair it.
  • To recover items inside chests that were griefed, contact an admin whenever there's one in-game.


  • Give the exact location and type of the block(s) griefed.
  • If you know who the griefer was, include it in the greport.