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green_infrastructure.png Freedonia Railway System

Grand Freedonia Railway Station

Owner shypixel
Contributors chivalrousWeasel, Krenath, Blobehh, Jmancino2, Lothendal, healthyuncle, AJStratton, SlowRiot, thesprazzzler, theschlozmeister, 14mRh4X0r, gricer1326, Alkarius_Endgame, LewisD95 and Many More!
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Partly
Public? Conditionally
Started June 2011
Completed Constantly being expanded
Size north to south 36072m
Size west to east 26793m
Height 100m
Coordinates X=-178
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Spawn
Map link

"I'll try to look excited." - lacrosse1991

The Freedonia Rail System is a collection of rail lines intended to provide reliable, standardized, and easy to use rail transportation service across the far reaches of the map.

Lacrosse rides the rails near Pigchinko


Centered at the Grand Freedonia Railway Station overlooking Spawn, the Freedonia Railway System is a minecart rail transportation alternative to Warps and Project Anubis Nexus Transporters. The system was constructed from a combination of Craftbook magic and in-game redstone powered rail mechanics. Players purchase tickets for a nominal fee (5 cobble at the time of writing), select a station or stop from along one of four main rail lines, then board a self-launching minecart and are powered along their way. Carts will leave the main line towards the desired station automatically, so players can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Warning to Users

Since the Freedonia Railway System extends over the whole server map, it cannot be guarenteed that you will be entirely safe upon your travels. We all know that griefers are hunted down, but this does not take away the risk of the Railways being griefed. When this grief is not fixed, it is possible that the traveller falls down a few tens of blocks, towards a certain death. Due to inconsistencies in systems used for switches and stations, it is also possible that the traveller gets stuck at certain points. Notice that you can leave a grief report (/greport), after which you can go /home again. In all cases, it is forbidden to edit the system, without written permission of the owner of the part or staff members. Some lines and critical infrastructure are no longer maintained, which means it is not always possible to go to and fro certain locations. In that case, it is adviced to let staff know, so connections could be fixed.

If, upon your travels across Freedonian land, you find missing blocks or problematic situations, please do not hesitate to contact the staff team, so inconsistencies can finally be fixed.


Krenath looking annoyed at the interruption

The FRS stands proud as the most Multiplayer Survival compatible transportation alternative. Powered primarily by in-game mechanics, the main lines were originally built completely by hand with self-harvested material. The four main lines serve not only as transportation along the four cardinal directions, but also as targets for other player built rail lines for connection/transfer. This will make easy to follow transportation to many smaller and/or remote player communities and homes a much more attainable goal. Any player with enough ambition, resources, time and redstone know-how can connect their personal line(s) to one fo the main lines and have front door rail service from Spawn.


The FRS main lines are composed of several parts:

  • Hub Stations
  • Spur Stations
  • Branches
  • Stops
  • Tons and tons of Rails

Hub Stations

Grand Freedonia Railway Station
Lava Town station.
Lava Town station interior

Hub Stations, such as the Grand Freedonia Railway Station, are the heart of the system. They have multiple inbound and outbound lines, station/stop information, full ticket service, and cart dispensing, collecting and launching facilites. Main lines all begin and end in a Hub Station, which often lends its name to the adjoining rail line. All rail lines connected to a Hub Station are required to conform to a strict standardized layout to ensure compatability.

Spur Stations

Lothendal Manor subway station
Artville subway station

Spur Stations are similar to Hub Stations, but are optional lines that depart from the main lines. Spur stations only have service to and from the main line they are attached to. Spur Stations will have essential services like ticket dispensing, cart launching and basic station/stop directions. They may or may not have cart collection and dispensing. All rail lines connected to a Spur Station are required to conform to a loose set of minimal standards to qualify for connection to the main lines.


Branches are simple rail lines departing from the main or spur lines. These optional lines may or may not have any return service or ticket/cart services. They may even end suddenly or be unmaintained. Use at your own risk. All Branches connected to main lines must have at least return service and return ticket service. Owners/Managers of Spur Stations and lines may set their own criteria for connection.


Stops are simply that: stops. Your railcart will either move onto a short branch or simply stop moving and eject you. Stops along main lines will all have return ticket and cart launching services, but those along Spur or Branch lines are really a crapshoot. They are primarily a way to get you off the rails to follow a road or enter a nearby building. All stops are optional.

Tons and tons of Rails shypixel cruises past the Spawn cactus on his way to Lava Town

As players speed along the rail line, they will be treated to a variety of stunning scenery and vistas unavailable in any other fashion. While substantially more time-consuming than Warps, they are far more organic to the Minecraft world, and allow more democratic and open access to rapid transportation.

Main Lines

Great Northern Line

The Great Northern Line goes West. This is because when the line was created the direction this line went in was North, until one minecraft update changed which direction north was. So now it goes West. This railway line uses white wool. You can take this line from the spawn station by holding sugar.

The Great Northern Line with all stations, directly accessible from spawn with the /st command

Here is a list of all GN Line stations accessible from Spawn in order of their branch appearance:

Name Command Distance Coordinates Notes
Main Line
Grand Freedonia Railway Station (Spawn) /st Spawn 0 -190; 358
North-East Nexus - 317 -363; 225 Station was removed
Drum City /st DrumCity 1907 -360; 1098
Underworld /st Underworld 988 -829; 650 Arrivals only
Stone Burrow /st StoneBurrow 1417 -1191; 663
Central Nexus /st CentralNexus 2995 -1841; 1645 Created as the first example of Krenath's redesigned stations and skyroads for 2021 and beyond.
Casa de Austria /st CasaAustria 3035 -1927; -183 Change here for local railways
Artville /st ArtVille 3761 -2697; 1503
Shoretown /st Shoretown 3176 -2912; 679
Melonopolis /st Melonopolis 4213 -3343; 1243
Logdon /st Logdon 3865 -3690; 638
Diamond Mall /st DiamondMall 4891 -3813; 1569
Joppa /st JoppaLine 4444 -4017; 884
Sky City /st SkyCity 4701 -4321; 823
Forbidden Outpost /st ForbiddenOutpost 4642 -4453; 680 Change here for local railways to New Venice, Port Dome, North Nexus, Greenville and North West Nexus
Craftbook Museum /st CbookMuseum 5236 -4509; 140
Amp City /st AmpCity 5987 -4500; -620 Dead end, station wasn't constructed
Dragon's Hold /st DragonsHold 7529 -5358; -1272
Quarryton /st Quarryton 8515 -7097; -529
Nexus North-West 1 /st NexusNW1 9253 -7125; -1261 Change here for railway to Nexus North-West 2
Floatania /st Floatania 10239 -8548; -824
Rasuka /st Rasuka 11720 -8620; -1929 Change here for local railway to Palacio del Orb
CoffeeTowne /st CoffeeTowne 14554 -12010; -597
Old West Border /st OldWestBorder 17479 -15180; 4 Connection with Nether Highway System
West Border /st WestBorder 25038 -22735; 0
Northwest Branch
Rasuka /st Rasuka 11800 -8620; -1929 Short way from northern part of the branch, not accessible from spawn; change here for local railway to Palacio del Orb
Deckland /st Deckland 13131 -8808; -3456
Concrete Grinder /st ConcreteFarm 14786 -9545; -3968 Not accessible from spawn
South Church
/st Strasbourg 15249 -9645; -4531 Change here for Obernai metro
Obernai /st Obernai 15569 -9750; -4952 Change here for local metro and railway to Las Vereno, Feudlandia, Shireford, EastCliff, North-West Nexus 2, and other to North-West Hub and skybirdthing's lines.

Lava Town Line

The Lavatown line is the oldest mass transit railway line. It goes towards the east side of the Map. Like many other Lavatown related builds, this line uses the colour orange. You can take this line from spawn station by holding string.

The Lavatown Line with all stations, directly accessible from spawn with the /st command

Here is a list of all LT Line stations accessible from Spawn in order of their branch appearance:

Name Command Distance Coordinates Notes
Main Line
Grand Freedonia Railway Station (Spawn) /st Spawn 0 -190; 358
Batugus Labs Tube 2 /st BatugusLabs 1191 251; 116
Spur Station /st Spur 1316 798; 194 Test spur station
New Atlanta /st NewAtlanta 1626 923; 353
Gotham City /st Gotham 3041 923; 1768
Xenotopia /st Xenotopia 1653 1143; 82
Sand Island /st SandIsland 3345 1817; 1148
Half-Moon Vale /st HalfMoonVale 4662 1659; 2085
Kurai Cho /st KuraiCho 5362 2854; 2128
Nazca /st Nazca 3180 1890; -534
Fellowship of Cake United /st FoCU 4739 2711; -1280
HellFireForge /st HellFireForge 4266 1566; -1259
Sigma Castle /st SigmaCastle 4932 1916; -2268 Dead end loop, station wasn't constructed
Rtkwe Island /st RtkweIsland 2643 2068; 171
Zelda Map /st ZeldaMap 3520 2485; 369
Emucraft /st EmucraftCity 5435 3394; 1634
Castle City /st CastleCity 5868 3601; 1887 Change here for railway to NewLands
Lavatown /st Lavatown 3924 3427; 186 Change here for local railways to Isle of Muu, Lothendal Manor and Ravines.
Nexus East 1 /st NexusE1 4650 4065; 144
Delta City /st DeltaCity 6967 4264; -1974 Station is broken as a part of city design.
Arroyo /st Arroyo 6986 4539; -1718
Jimmyville /st Jimmyville 6840 5250; -803
Statue City /st StatueCity 6183 5604; 176
New Arcton /st NewArcton 8603 5714; -1974
JannerVille /st Jannerville 7404 6783; 218 Change here for local monorail
ex-Borderlands /st Borderlands 7597 7002; 192
Monkokoro /st Monkokoro 11030 8115; -2182
Newcuntington /st Newcuntington 12152 11586; 163 Connection with Nether Highway System
Novum Branch
Mycelia /st Mycelia 12499 9649; 2447
Oceanville /st Oceanville 14119 8782; 3200 Station wasn't constructed, only rail switch was made
Aeg Island /st aegIsland 14323 8578; 3200 Station wasn't constructed, only rail switch was made
Novum Culta /st Novum 18023 7305; 5627
Little America /st LittleAmerica 18494 7396; 6189

Occidental Line

The Occidental Express, originally heading west (until the directions in minecraft were switched around) goes to the south of the map and uses green wool. Holding wheat seeds in your hand will take you away from spawn on this line. The word "Occidental" can mean "West".

The Occidental Line with all stations, directly accessible from spawn with the /st command

Here is a list of all OC Line stations accessible from Spawn in order of their branch appearance:

Name Command Distance Coordinates Notes
Main Line
Grand Freedonia Railway Station (Spawn) /st Spawn 0 -190; 358
CatVille /st CatVille 927 188; 842
Drum City /st DrumCity 1125 -360; 1098 Change here for the GN Line
Dial Republic /st DialRepublic 960 -154; 1153
Cobjobopolis /st Cobjob 1641 489; 1279
Rig City /st RigCity 3219 1214; 2007
Box of Cake Castle /st BoxAlpha 3031 -886; 2492
Glenfiddich /st Glenfiddich 2861 145; 2741 Change here for the local metro and railway to East Nexus and Glitch80's home
Ravenstown /st Ravenstown 3661 -145; 3679 Station wasn't constructed
Autumnwood /st Autumnwood 5893 -1761; 4123
Forestberg /st Forestberg 7397 2213; 5181 Change here for the local metro and railways to NewLands and MonopleVille
Skyline /st Skyline 9738 3239; 5966 Change here for Green Acres Branch
Xandronia /st XanderStrike 5644 231; 5438
New Wood /st NewWood 6731 -257; 6455 Station and railway branch weren't finished
Tesla Town /st TeslaTown 7200 -669; 6681
Jordan Station /st Jordan 8224 -1347; 7050
Nexus South Hub 1 /st NexusS1 7723 -245; 7651
Westwood /st Westwood 8847 -609; 8411
MushieVille /st MushieVille 8976 -89; 9060 Change here for the railway to Gardopolis
Krytopia /st Krytopia 11114 800; 9922
Golden Junction /st GoldenJunction 10367 -74; 10466 Change here for the Acacia Line
Anna's Forest /st AnnasForest 11016 231; 10810
Frostagon /st Frostagon 11796 -48; 11481
Automata /st Automata 13001 921; 12083
Explorer's Island /st ExpIsland 15849 -1585; 13011 Change here for the railway to Mount Nyan and Acacia Glade.
Gran Syre /st GranSyre 16592 2332; 14105 Station and railway branch weren't finished
Little Train Station /st LittleTrain 15143 -4; 14872
Dragon River Peak City /st Downtown 18038 864; 16907 No proper functions in place yet.
South Hub /st FRSSouth 21690 -3444; 17979 Change here for the Acacia Line; connection with Nether Highway System
Bowby's Island - 19833 -57; 19509 Dead end of the line, station wasn't constructed
Green Acres Branch
Nexus South-East Hub 2 /st NexusSE2 9591 2599; 6027
Three Biomes Divide /st ThreeBiomes 9778 2794; 6037
Skyline /st Skyline 10236 3215; 5956 Not accessible from spawn. Change here for line to Forestberg and MonopleVille.
Little America /st LittleAmerica 14376 7396; 6189 Change here for LT Line
Green Acres /st GreenAcres 15536 8648; 6093
Mystria /st Mystria 19134 7995; 9782


Oriental Line

The Oriental line uses blue wool and goes north. Holding a feather in your hand will take you on this line from spawn station.

The Oriental Line with all stations, directly accessible from spawn with the /st command

Here is a list of all OR Line stations accessible from Spawn in order of their branch appearance:

Name Command Distance Coordinates Notes
Main Line
Grand Freedonia Railway Station (Spawn) /st Spawn 0 -190; 358
Tower /st TowerStation 676 -177; -306
Residaemian /st Residaemian 914 -322; -399
Batugus /st Batugus 1212 255; -410
Batugus Labs Tube 1 /st BatugusLabs 1424 373; -316 Change here for railway to Batugus Labs Tube 2 station
Soulvale /st Soulvale 1433 126; -744
Pokethedral /st Pokethedral 1647 323; -755
Epicaria /st Epicaria 1652 -216; -1243 Change here for local metro
Georgetown /st Georgetown 5359 -2376; -2778 Not accessible from the line, departures only
Plummet /st Plummet 3590 -231; -3160
Game City /st GameCity 4055 -230; -3632 Change here for the railway to Mount Jackal
Eiremall /st Eiremall 5108 684; -3745 Change here for the railway to Nexus North-East 1, Rutopia, IHOP, Hippywood and Haromis House
Nexus North 3 /st NexusN3 4897 -169; -4205
East Austania /st EastAustania 4897 -2929; -5447 Change here for the railway to Assassin's Fort
Wiexbaux /st Wiexbaux 6241 -163; -5763
Statue Park /st StatuePark 7923 1627; -5993 Station wasn't constructed
Townbuildthing /st Townbuildthing 13545 -4450; -8860 Change here for Skybirdthing railways
Twin Lakes /st TwinLakes 7245 441; -6350
Oriental Gateway /st Gateway 7348 328; -7025
Pandaville /st Pandaville 8832 -169; -4205
Baby's Epic Settlement /st BabyTower 7447 -352; -6786
Emrys /st Emrys 8613 -496; -8246 Change here for the Foix Railway
Waterboy0048 Mining Co. /st WBMCo 11191 -456; -10784
New Haven /st NewHaven 11895 -306; -11338 Change here for local railways to Horse Races, Gabilzaharan, San Freedonia, Underwater City and Untertal
North Of Nowhere - 17350 888; -15599
Strom Isle Branch
Stromtech /st Stromtech 2964 465; -1744
Strom Isle /st StromIsle 3111 636; -1777
Ocean City /st Ocean 3410 701; -1999
Lumen /st Lumen 3635 1111; -1782
Temple of Supreme Fishiness /st Nosefish 4060 1282; -1528
Batugus Labs Tube 2 /st BatugusLabs 6668 251; -116 Not accessible from spawn. Change here for railway to Batugus Labs Tube 1 station
Hellview Castle /st Hellview 6787 190; 32 Walking from spawn is a faster way to get there

Inspector_Foix's Railway

Rail lines are under ongoing construction and reconstruction.

Acacia Line

Acacia Rails South station before reconstruction

Acacia Line, originally Acacia Roads Branch of Occidental Line, is a separate line heading through south regions of Freedonia. It connects Acacia Roads, New Eden, Ellandria and some other places to OC Line Golden Junction and FRS South Hub interchange stations. Uses seed as a ticket.

Here is a list of all Acacia Line stations accessible from Golden Junction in order of their branch appearance:

Name Command Distance Coordinates Notes
Main Line
Eastern Border - 8750 7422; 11550 Dead end of the line, no station constructed
Crown's Landing /st CrownsLanding 8228 5907; 10683 Railway branch isn't finished
Golden Junction /st GoldenJunction 0 (10367) -82; 10468 Change here for the OC Line
Mini Avalon /st MiniAvalon 177 -232; 10491
New Dublin /st NewDublin 1020 -449; 10957
Freedonia Witch Farm /st WitchFarm 3015 -2049; 11516
Acacia Roads /st AcaciaRoads 5218 -4544; 11210 Change here for local railway
Nexus Temple /st AcaciaNexus 6028 -5112; 11432
Al Sanara /st AlSanara 5802 -4544; 11794
Silver Bullet /st DesertTown 6057 -4544; 12049
Al Sanara South /st DesertSpace 6260 -4664; 12132 Arrivals only, no entrance
Sunrise Hotel /st Sunrise 7006 -5401; 12137
New Eden /st NewEden 8714 -6055; 13155 Branch is broken
Acacia Glade /st AcaciaGlade 7688 -3640; 12760 Change here for local railways
Pallet Town /st PalletTown 8990 -3431; 11714
Acacia South /st AcaciaSouth 8014 -3427; 12874
Fourth Bay /st FourthBay 9081 -3424; 13938
Verua /st Verua 12122 -3156; 16711
New Louisville /st NewLouisville 12255 -3441; 17101
City Square /st Nlvcs 12579 -3482; 17310
South Hub /st FRSSouth 13139 (21690) -3444; 17968 Change here for the OC Line, connection with Nether Highway System
Ellandria Highway /st EllandriaHwy 14060 -3426; 18915 Change here for the railway to Ellandria and Newport.
South Border - 15605 -3427; 20465

Skyroads of the Freedonia Railway System

A large amount of the FRS has walkable paths above the railway. These are known as sky roads and are able to be added onto by the public for signage and path connections, so long as the original structure is left intact. (i.e. adding on is allowed, but not removal of existing blocks)

Northern Skyroads

Great Northern Highway


Map of Great Northern Highway Skyroad

North of Nowhere Skyroad

Map of North of Nowhere Skyroad

Western Skyroads

Great Northern Highway


  • This route comprises of several roads in the west of the map, however it is so named because of the railway that it follows: the Great Northern Line.
  • It runs from Spawn to the western border of the map, via the major cities of Underworld and ForbiddenOutpost. It has connections to the Central Nexus, AmpCity, and Obernai, as well as a direct connection to several arterial routes including the Great Northwestern Highway and Nexus Loops Inner and Outer.
Map of Great Route West (Night)

Great Northwestern Highway

Map of Great Northwestern Highway

Eastern Skyroads

Great Eastern Highway


Map of Great Eastern Highway

Southern Skyroads

Great Southern Highway


Map of Great Southern Highway (Night)

New Louisville Skyroad

Point to Point Skyroad connecting FRS South Hub with Great Southern Highway

Map of New Louisville Skyroad

Acacia Glade Skyroad

Map of Acacia Glade Skyroad

Takadokia Skyroad

Map of Takadokia Skyroad

Martingrad and New Wood Skyroad

  • Point to Point Skyroad between Great Southern Highway and Green Acres Skyroad or Golums Highway
Map of Martinburg-New Wood Skyroad

Golums Highway

Green Acres Skyroad

Map of Green Acres Skyroad

Ares Highway

Map of Ares Highway

Rose Outpost Skyroad

  • Crowns Landing Skyroad to Crown's Landing
  • Under Construction-Awaiting future connections
Map of Rose Outpost Skyroad


London Style


This London Underground style route map is not geographically accurate, but demonstrates the relationship of the lines, stations and stops. This can be printed for easy navigation.

Legacy Map

Map last updated 8th April 2016 by thesprazzzler and theschlozmeister.

FRS Update.png

The updated version of the above route map, by LewisD95.

Northern Railways

A map of the most northern railway lines of Freedonia made by Anna_28.

Northern Railways.png

Bookmarklet Live Map overlay

There also is an overlay for the live map, not yet complete but mostly up to date. See FRS/gmap/code for the bookmarklet code and details.


Using the rails is a four stage process:

Choosing Line/Destination

Depending on where you wish to go, you must select the appropriate line and station/branch/stop. If your destination is the terminal station of a line, you can move to the next step. If you wish to use a spur, branch or stop, you simply type /st name, where name is the name of the desired station, branch or stop. You may type this command at any time, and it will persist until you disconnect or repeat the command.

Buying Tickets

Grand Freedonia Railway Station Ticket Counter

Standard ticket pice is five cobble blocks. In exchange, you will receive a common item, such as a string or feather. Tickets must be held in your hand to properly guide you along your route. Tickets help the rail system determine the correct direction of your travel. The /st command decides where you will stop, but your ticket tells the rails how to get you there. Tickets are required for return service on the main lines, and you will go different directions depending on which ticket you hold. Some stations, like Spawn Station, have a ticket associated with them, in this case, paper. Paper will always take you back to spawn.

Boarding Carts

How you board your cart will depend on where you are entering the system. In remote areas, it may be as primitive as placing a cart on the rails, nudging it, and hopping in before it rolls away. All stations will have Launcher Blocks, lime green wool blocks along the line. Placing a cart in these blocks will cause it to remain stationary until entered, when it will start automatically. Hub and major Spur Stations have cart dispensers that allow you to press a button to summon a cart to a launcher block. It is wise to hold your ticket in hand during all stages of boarding.

Exiting Carts

How you exit will depend on where you exit. If your destination is major station, you will be automatically ejected from your cart, which will be collected into a system chest. Smaller stations may merely stop your cart, requiring you to exit and destroy your cart manually. Branches and Stops may simply end. In places where a cart return is not provided, please return your cart to the nearest station at your convenience.


Kurai Cho railway station
The original end of the Oriental Line at the edge of the original border, before the 1.0.1 expansion

A brief overview of the genesis of the Freedonia Railway System.

Along Came a Muu

Shortly after learning about Craftbook rail blocks, shypixel found himself itching to build some rail lines. Unfortunately his home, Lava Town, was deep in the unsettled wilds at the time. Then AgentMuu showed up in the region and began to mark off what was to become the Isle of Muu, and Shy approached him with a plan. They would build a railway linking their two territories, deep beneath the ocean floor. After many hours of laborious mod-sticking, Shypixel emerged beneath the ice on Muu Island, placing rail as he went. This first line was primitive, with gold ore boosters and simple cart chests. You even had to nudge the cart to get it moving before boarding. But it was long, and it was proof that rail travel was viable over long distances.

Enter Lothendal

During the time that the intial rail tunnel was under construction, Lavatown got a new neighbor in the Caverns region, a little known architect named Lothendal. Shypixel didn't know it at the time, but Lothendal was a master builder with an eye for detail and a penchant for perfection. It wasn't long before Lothendal happened upon the rail tunnel, and his curiosity was sparked. Working furiously, Lothendal quickly built a spur line to his Manor, followed by another to the sleepy coastal settlement of Port Dhal. Having multiple destinations required a more sophisticated system than Shy's simple dispenser, and Lothendal was more than up to the challenge. Lavatown station soon boasted auto-launching cart dispensers and ticket based track sorting, allowing visitors to shuttle between Shypixel's, AgentMuu's and Lothendal's new stations with ease and speed.

A Far Away Land

And so things sat for some time, Shypixel, Lothendal, and AgentMuu content with their stations. With the nearby Caverns warp, players could easily be directed into the rails, and get to where they needed to go. But unbeknownst to them, the three had another neighbor, far to the north, one who was not content with the long walks needed to visit his Island. rtkwe decided that a spur line out of the Lavatown station was what he wanted, and he approached Shypixel with his plan. The two worked from opposite directions, Shy building ground rail from Lavatown, and Rtkwe building a raised rails along the skyroad from his island. A few days later, they met near the Lavatown coast, and the new line was complete. Dwarfing the length of those that came before it, the Island Spur with its raised rails would become the model for future lines. The atrractive new sky-rails generated a lot of interest with their stunning vistas and lack of obstacles. Many players expressed doubt that such a system would work on a large scale, that it would be susceptible to grief and decay, and even that it could be built without item spawning.

The Lavatown Line

Blinded by pride in the naescent rail system, Shypixel insisted that not only that it could work, but that it would. After retiring to his hidden vault, Shypixel fired up his furnaces and began crafting the mountains of materials that would be needed for such a large scale project. A few days later a conversation was sparked in chat about the rail system, and how close it had come to thw Twin Towers. After Shypixel expressed a plan to extend the lines as far as New Atlanta, ChivalrousWeasel pointed out how close that was to spawn. Shypixel took it as a challenge, and vowed that Friday afternoon that come Monday, there would be unbroken rail service from spawn to the Isle of Muu.

Again, Shypixel retreated to his vault, this time to gather his supplies. Driven by madness, he began to build. Following the sky-road, he labored away with half-blocks and rails for countless hours. The hours melted in to days as he worked up to the point of delerium. Assisted in his mad frenzy by AJStratton and Blobehh, he drove the rails towards spawn, block by painstaking block. Finally, late on Sunday night, the rails turned the corner and came to rest at their temporary station behind Flippeh. Wiping a tear from his large googly eyes, Shypixel boarded a minecart and took the inaugural trip on the Lavatown Line. Covering eight kilometers in around ten mintues, Shypixel rolled into Muu's Station just before midnight, having made good on his bragadoccio.

I, Krenath

The jubilation of having completed the line could not mask the fact that it suffered from some serious defects under heavy usage. The one-lane design resulted in numerous collisions and bounce-backs. Darker areas were haunted by zombies and skeletons. Discarded items, hourly gifts, and abandoned minecarts clogged the lines. Perhaps most of all, the temporary spawn station was hard to find and primitive. Shypixel's flurry of activity had attracted the attention of God Donor and Admin Krenath. Inspired by the successes of the Lavatown Line, Krenath decided to rectify its deficiencies. First, he found an abandoned structure at spawn, and handed the deed to Shypixel. Next, he used his godly powers to will into being a new style of rail, the double line slung under a skyroad with lightstone. Working as only he can, he followed the original line, building the now familiar skyrails in its place. As he toiled, Shypixel went Bob Vila on the old house at spawn. That evening, the symbolic Golden Spike was driven, completing the Existing Lavatown Line and commemorating the Grand Opening of the Grand Freedonia Railway Station.


A video posted by the user ScarClaw72 that shows a speedup of a minecart ride from spawn to Mycelia Click Here

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