Rage3does Sheepland Complex

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green_complexes.png The Rage3does Sheepland Complex

Image Taken From South-West Corner

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Rage3does&16.png Rage3does getplayerhead.sh?Davidlssmith&16.png Davidlssmith getplayerhead.sh?J_ON_THE_RADIO&16.png J_ON_THE_RADIO
Category Complexes
Public? Yes
Started 26 January 2019
Completed 1st April 2019 (Abandoned)
Size north to south 32m
Size west to east 26m
Height 20m
Coordinates X=-159
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The The Rage3does Sheepland Complex (formally The R3 Building) is comprised of a main building headquarters (rage3does tower), A second sister building (rage3does tower no.2), a large stadium (sheepland stadium), a sheep farm (sheepland), a swimming pool, a small crop farm and a museum (inside rage3does tower). Its being constructed by getplayerhead.sh?Rage3does&16.png Rage3does, getplayerhead.sh?Davidlssmith&16.png Davidlssmith & getplayerhead.sh?J_ON_THE_RADIO&16.png J_ON_THE_RADIO. It was abandoned on the 1st of apirl 2019, when getplayerhead.sh?Rage3does&16.png Rage3does started a new build.