The Follies

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Not to be confused with Category:Follies

green_attractions.png The Follies
Pondside folly.png

The first of The Follies.

Owner Microcosms
Category Attractions
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=1504
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

A collection of small decorative buildings that serve no practical purpose (i.e follies), these are scattered around Microcosms' much larger builds in the North. Their interiors were designed with little care for the visitor and so may feel cramped or illogical.

Image Build Date Coordinates (x,y,z)
Swamp folly.png 14th Mar 2021 1844, 64, -7435
Hill folly.png 14th Mar 2021 1504, 100, -6920
Long folly.png 14th Mar 2021 1571, 70, -7288
Tower folly.png 15th Mar 2021 627, 114, -7138
Beach folly.png 16th Mar 2021 737, 65, -6835
Snow folly.png 17th Mar 2021 1101, 73, -6099
Corner folly.png 19th Mar 2021 2036, 70, -6643