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User 4untochrist

Agent Kroger guy

Known as 4unto , 4un , 4
Gender Male
Location Dallas, Texas
Nationality German American
DOB 2002-09-25
Occupation Graphic Designer, Kroger Cashier
In Freedonia
First joined 11 June 2020
First building Die Verbindung
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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< Darkerfly> interesting person

4untochrist joined Minecraft online after watching a video from FitMC on the April fools day greifing of the server. originally planed to stay long enough to build a house and leave a mark on mco history but made the decision to stick around. Known for his semi-effort intensive builds and building in every known corner of the map, and trying his best to be a kind MCO player. Also i am apparently a child murderer according to RunRun_5 I can neither confirm nor deny and of the allegations put against me at this time. 4unto is constantly referred to as weird nicknames such as "BaldKrogerGuy" and "Kroger dude" by Aziroeth due to his irl job as a cashier. Joined MCO staff team on April 23rd 2021 as a moderator.

Founder of Die_Verbindung

First played minecraft in june of 2011 first personally owned account 2012.

My Alts Jenna_Tailia_

Quotes about me

"4un is a child murderer???" RunRun_5

"Selling 4un's hairline 64 db's!" RunRun_5

"4unto is a T E C H N O G O O N" Leah_Starcraft

"4UNTO IS VOID42 CONFIRMED?" BlueBlaziken (after void greeted himself like always)

"4untochrist needs to be staff" Dexus_2010

Public aliases:

Die Verbindung at -10187 64 1796

4untoswinterhome at -13327 72 17107

4untosNewport at -10931 81 18876

4untosRuncity at -8383 70 20520

4untospawnhome at -209 71 425


Honorary member of Great Builders Guild

Builder in Project Eros

Brought AgentMuu Back to MCO on the 10th Birthday of MCO after 7 years.

First screenshot

First MCO screenchot.jpg