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User Cutenip

Cutest fakest Meowth

Known as Just Cutenip (heretic is also acceptable)
Gender Male
Occupation True Form Faker
In Freedonia
First joined 07 April 2021
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  < 1Catnip> for the record i do not condone this fake account, it is not me. please kill on sight
  < 1Catnip> thanks for making this sound like this is my alt >:\ please die ThisApple

I never tried to make it sound like this account was 1Catnip's alt, but yes for anyone wondering, this account is ThisApple's Alt account, glorifying the cuteness of 1Catnip

Cutenip is the true fakest form of 1Catnip, when they first showed up on the server, 1Catnip was not too happy about it, but one day he will understand that this is his true form destroy all false catnips

More to come...