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User DragonsTail
Known as DragonsTail, Dragon
Gender Male
Nationality United States
DOB 1979-09-{{{birthdayday}}}
Occupation Minecraft
In Freedonia
First joined 12th July, 2015
First building Dragons Isle
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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"Give Me Your Griefer!" - DragonsTail

Overview DragonsTail was a moderator and is an obsidian donor that likes to build things.


Dragons Isle

Dragons Isle is a 300x125x300 block square collection of Goodies. DragonsTail was inspired by; Pickled_Dragon, Mcompton, and Ryder13. The Dragons Isle was the first project DragonsTail worked on with Pickled_Dragon. The area Dragons Isle is an attempt at creating block generation of all the different types of Blocks. Pickled_Dragon is the Founder and Owner of Dragons Isle. This area was set aside by Ladebbie