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User Dread_Nova

Knight of the Empire

Known as Dread
Location What's it to you?
DOB then.-back-Some time
Occupation I'm working on it, get out of my hair.
In Freedonia
First joined 06-19-2018
First building Residence of Dread
Staff member Moderator
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[work in progress]


Dread_Nova: last resident of Aquaton and Co-Owner of The First Guild of Unified Traders. Most of the time you'll find me in or around Aquaton and Gran Aquaton, from time to time I'll be at spawn or in various places lending a hand. I was once a grey name aiming for 1,000 hours unregistered, but following the events of the Slime Diamond Heresy, this quest was cut short.

List of Builds

Current Projects List

  • Residence of Dread
  • SadBoat Industries
  • The Great Wall of Aquaton
  • Location for the First Trader's Guild
  • Gran Aquaton
  • The Spirit and Opportunity Memorial
  • Office in Catini Catra
  • Lighthouse at Catini Catra
  • Ubuntu's caves


The Age of Dread the Grey

The Early Days

Being that these things took place a fair while ago, I'm a bit hazy on the details.

It was the dawn of the second millennium of mankind. The year was 018.M02 and summer had begun in earnest. I was wasting time on YouTube, waiting for the God Emperor to reveal himself, when I stumbled upon a video with a couple hundred views. It was about some old vanilla server and for lack of something better to do, I decided to give it a shot. Seeing as I’m hundreds of hours in, I think I can say it’s alright.


At sometime in the first half hour of playing, either CrazyLep or ScreamingGamer lead me to Aquaton, gave me some diamond tools and other resources to start off with, and showed me some available areas to build. I then set to the task of building my home. At the time I joined, the town was rapidly expanding, but even before my home reached, more or less, it’s current level of completion, it was rare to see anyone else around.

The Age of Apostacy

The Slime Diamond Heresy

The Time of Dread the White

The Expedition to Catini

The Second Age of Dread the Grey

The Penumbral Restoration

Dread the Blue