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User GIJoseph1979

Im a Pilot IRL

Known as GI
Gender Male
Location Virginia
Nationality American
DOB -02-
Occupation Pilot
In Freedonia
First joined January 2, 2022
First building Boat
View profile and statistics GIJoseph1979 started his Minecraft Career in late 2009, several months after release. He would build large scale survival builds in Survival Minecraft till about 2012. Once Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 he would start to play online with friends from school, and other games. In early 2014 his main account Fattrussian was hacked and no longer accessible, taking his original java account with it. GIJoseph1979 made the Xbox version his home until late 2021. He reappeared on Java on Christmas day of 2021, Joining MCO shortly after, and built a boat in spawn region, than started the Town of Arrma in the south of the map.