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User JZTech101
Known as Call me whatever.. lol
Gender Male
Location East Brunswick, NJ, USA
Nationality Asian
DOB 1996-09-07
Occupation Developer
In Freedonia
First joined 17 September 2015
First building ValenTower @ SandyBottom
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Do not waste your time in this world pursuing things that you will inevitably lose when you die. Instead, use the time you have to pursue the one thing that will stay with you through death to the afterlife, love. Love can take many forms and the more of it you have, the happier you will be. -Julian Zhou, 2016


A human who likes helping people. Also the only user to be banned from the MCO Telegram group.

Founder of DarkTower

Founder of Noelle


Friends and Family


There is something to be liked about everyone and everything


There is something to be disliked about everyone and everything


Nothing. I can never truly hate anything or anyone.