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User Kayla93

World of Warcraft Troll

Known as Kayla
Gender Female
Location California
Nationality USA
DOB 1993-06-28
In Freedonia
First joined 04 April 2011
First building Troll Cavern
Kit level ***** Obsidian
Legacy donor level ***** Obsidian
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Kayla, resides in her underground cavern deep under the port of Black Marsh. She is the tribal leader of the Black Marsh trolls and chief shaman. She focuses mainly on increasing her stockpile of her obsession, Lapis Lazuli. She usually works alone but is accompanied by long time friend tannerch8. Together they spend their time building, mining, and, killing each other.

Kayla's Work

Kayla's prize work is her Cavern She designed the cavern as a giant underground fortress protected by the Black Sea above and the strength of the earth around the sides. The port of Black Marsh is directly over the main atrium of the cavern, home to the Black Marsh tribe. Approximately 182,160 blocks of stone, gravel, and, dirt were recovered from the excavation. The Cavern is 115M Long 72M Wide 22M High.

The Skin

Kayla's Skin is based directly off her World of Warcraft Character! [1]

WoWScrnShot 100911 152559.jpg
2011-10-09 16.01.13.jpg
Kayla overlooking her estate