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User OiTrowls

Multicoloured Abyss

Known as Oi, Oil, Trowls, Kitty
Gender Boy
Location ?
Nationality ?
DOB ?-0?-?
Occupation PvP Enthusiast
In Freedonia
First joined 26 June 2013
First building ?
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics OiTrowls (previously known as Samyboyz, Niggerboy666, Kittyboy666, and OilTrows) and now known as AlphaAlex115 is a player and Admin on MinecraftOnline. He frequently kills players and can occasionally be found roaming areas with high player traffic when he wants to hunt. He uses his donor commands (not moderator commands) to gain advantages in combat and is supposedly a tough fight. He is a “pro mod.” OiTrowls has a shrine in Snaketown. Pray there so he does not kill you.