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User Sebastianawesome

Knight of House

Known as Seb/Sebastian
Gender Male
Location Sweden
Nationality Denmark + Sweden
DOB 19XX-10-24
Occupation Slob
In Freedonia
First joined 2017-06/21 @22:55.55 CET
First building House in pietville
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This is a brief into about who I am and what I do

My Builds

My first house, located in Pietville, a small village outside Pietoria Date started: Date finished:

What I have helped with

The Hole, the Cosmc City industrial area Date Started: Date Finished:


Slime_tiger, Adalex3, Slimez (SlimeboyGG), KevinGriffioen, ScarClaw72, Wulf_359, ickyacky


Skytril, Alspal

--Sebastianawesome 17:23, 15 September 2017 (UTC)